There’s plenty to take in from Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Christmas card. Prince Charlotte looks just like the Queen’s mini-me. Prince George is still wearing shorts. And Kate is as stunning as ever.

But there’s another subtle detail that’s confusing well-wishers to no end. Upon closer inspection, it seems that Kate’s right arm has completely disappeared, and Twitter doesn’t know what to make of it.

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Even though there’s no sign of a finger, elbow, or even a shoulder, it’s unlikely Kensington Palace photoshopped the Duchess into oblivion. As Twitter user Kerry-Ann Whatley points out, the Duchess presumably put her arm behind her husband’s back and turned her body so she could stand closer to him. Mystery solved. (Although we wonder what body-language experts would say about that!)

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The portrait’s plain background hasn’t stopped other fans from getting creative with the royal Christmas card, however. Fans have started photoshopping the Cambridges into all sorts of scenarios — some festive and some just strange.

They’ve taken a walk (in their very formal clothes) in some snowy woods:

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They’ve gone behind the scenes of Netflix’s gangster crime drama Peaky Blinders:

And they’ve even transformed into a crew of Teletubbies:

One thing’s for certain: This adorable family looks good wherever they go.

(h/t The Sun)