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– In a new ad for Aviation American Gin posted on Father’s Day, Ryan Reynolds pokes fun at his family with Blake Lively.

– With dramatic music playing in the background, the ad begins by seemingly referencing Reynolds’s pride in being the father of three little ones—but not everything is as it seems.

– Reynolds has a history of teasing his family.

Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool star and resident dad-joke machine, just pulled another antic on his family, this time for Father’s Day.

The funnyman, who shares three daughters with his wife, Blake Lively, released a new ad for his gin company, Aviation American Gin, on Sunday. But everything it’s advertising is not as it seems.

As dramatic music plays in the background, the ad, seemingly referencing his children, reads, “When I had my first, my life changed immediately. I didn’t think my heart could get more full. Then along came the second and sure, I’d never been busier, but life just got better and better. A couple years later we had a third. And the little one makes me so proud. They’re the light of my life.”

Then comes the punch line. “And with three kids in the house, I need them more than ever.” The ad then shifts to a picture of three Aviation gin bottles neatly lined up in a row. Precious.

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This, of course, isn’t the first time Reynolds has played a practical joke on his loved ones. During a May interview with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, he joked about having a secret family in Denmark.

“I’m quarantined with my family, with Blake and our three daughters, and my mother-in-law as well. It’s the best,” he told Fallon from home. “It’s one of those things where it’s a split-second decision, right? You’re thinking, Oh, we’re all gonna be quarantined together. But you’re thinking, Oh, this is gonna be a few days. So you gotta be careful. At least I like the people I’m quarantined with. I love them.”

He added that he had quarantine options. “It was a toss-up there for a minute,” he said. “Should I quarantine with my publicly facing family or my secret family in Denmark? It was a real toss-up. I miss Luna, Lekhet, and Una very much so.”

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