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Lately, a lot of celebrities have been enjoying their time in the kitchen and have been broadcasting their cooking experiences to their global audiences. Whether it’s infamous Masterchef judge Gordon Ramsay challenging himself to whip up a lambchop in 10 minutes with his toddler as a sous chef on Instagram or celebrity-host Chrissy Teigan teaching us how to recreate her home recipes on her Youtube channel – it seems like everyone’s gotten hooked on this whole cooking trend.

This time, however, American sweetheart Selena Gomez is joining this slew of celebrity chefs and is taking it to the next level. On top of her recent beauty endeavour Rare Beauty and her current at-home music recording sessions, Gomez is now attempting to add home-chef to her resume. Making a cooking debut on new streaming service HBO Max, Selena Gomez will be the executive producer and star of her latest series, Untitled Cooking Project.

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Upskilling during quarantine, Selena will be learning how to navigate this unfamiliar new territory to create delicious meals at home in front of the cameras.

In each episode, she’ll be tackling a variety of new cuisines alongside a master chef who will join her remotely. Expect lots of laughs, invaluable tips and tricks and how amateur home-chef Selena deals with everything from smoking ovens to missing ingredients. In addition to this, every episode will also highlight a different food-related charity while embracing both the struggles and joys of learning how to cook.

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Though we’ve yet to find out when Untitled Cooking Project will air, the series will be part of the many other original shows that are set to be released on HBO Max including the new Gossip Girl reboot and Kaley Cuoco‘s The Flight Attendant, to name a few.

HBO Max’s streaming service will be available to all starting from May 27.

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