Devon Windsor
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American model Devon Windsor stars in the next instalment of our new series of self-isolation diaries, where friends of Bazaar share what they’re eating, reading, watching and wearing at home right now.

“I think this is the perfect time to take care of your mind, body and soul – meditating, working out at home,” Devon tells us. “I’ve also been doing a lot of face masks, body exfoliations, hair masks… I think this is the perfect time for that, and I’ve been loving that aspect of it.”

Alongside focusing on self-care, the 26-year-old – who is currently isolating at home with her husband and sister – has been keeping entertained by playing board games, doing puzzles and cooking, as well as regularly updating her YouTube channel.

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Morning everyone! Hope you guys are doing well in self-quarantine and I hope some of these vlogs are inspiring you to get into the kitchen! I know that I have been cooking every day! Today I am sharing with you the BEST (and only way) to cook fish in my onion. I never was a huge fan of eating fish/making it at home or even ordering it on a menu. I always found it dry, fishy and not full of flavor! Ever since I discovered fish en papillote, I have been addicted. Fish en papillote basically means, fish baked in parchment paper. Baking it like this basically keeps all the flavors and moisture all in one place, and steams all the flavors of the aromatics that you put in the paper, into the fish! It is soooo good! You can put whatever veggies or aromatics you want, you could make this Greek, Mediterranean, or even Asian inspired! I personally have been going towards Mediterranean. Find my favorite recipe below, I used some fresh yellowtail but you can use any fish you like, I find that snapper is also great for this as well! Hope you enjoy, xx Chef dev Fish en Papillote Ingredients: – Any fish you like (I usually use yellowtail or snapper) – White Wine – Garlic – Cherry Tomatoes – Capers – Lemon Zest – Lemon – Red Onion – Parsley – Butter – Olive Oil -Salt and Pepper

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“I’ve also been using this free time to not only cook, but I’ve really stepped up my YouTube channel – my vlog game, if you will,” she explains. “I’ve been posting a video almost every other day, whether it’s beauty or my routine, workouts, recipes… I’ve just had a lot of fun filming that.”

Cooking and video-making aside, the model adds that she’s also been using mindfulness and distraction methods as tools to deal with any anxious feelings that have been triggered by the pandemic.

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“I have waves of anxiety about the situation and everything going on, especially because I have a swimwear business of my own and it’s a small business – we were supposed to launch our new collection now – so it does give me a lot of anxiety. But I think distracting yourself is the key; not just staring at the news and watching it all day long. It just depresses me. So I like to surround myself with my husband and sister, or chat with friends and play games, and just try to enjoy this time, talking to people and hanging out with your family, as much as you possibly can.”

This article originally appeared on Harper’s BAZAAR UK.

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