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“Well-Liked, Humble”: Singapore Artistes Pay Tribute to Aloysius Pang

It’s a sad day for Singapore’s entertainment industry

Aloysius Pang Singapore Actor

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An outpouring of grief flooded social media last night, after news broke that actor Aloysius Pang died four days after sustaining serious injuries during military training in New Zealand. He was carrying out repair works inside a self-propelled howitzer and sustained the injuries “when the gun barrel was lowered”, according to the Ministry of Defence. Aloysius underwent a number of surgeries and was put on life support. He eventually succumbed to the injuries.

The loss was felt keenly among many. Devastated family, friends and fans expressed their shock and mourned the 28-year-old’s passing, saying he was a kind, talented and sweet person who made an impact to their lives.

He was a precocious child star, beginning his acting journey at the age of nine. He quit at age 14, but returned at 22 and was subsequently crowned one of the “8 Dukes of Caldecott Hill” which comprised eight promising young Chinese Mediacorp actors. He was named Best Newcomer at Star Awards 2015 and was slated to be the male lead in upcoming Channel 8 drama My One in a Million.

We take a look at some of the tributes he received.

  1. 1. Jayley Woo 

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至我最亲爱的你, 8月24号 是你的生日 1月4号 是我们一个特别的日子 1月24号 你一句话也没交代 就离开了我 只留下你冷清清 硬邦邦的手 为什么 那么巧 我最爱的号码是 4号 为什么 你毫不留情的丢下我一个 为什么 你舍得离开这世界 为什么 你要这样对我 这一生没有福气当你的妻子 我们来生一定要当夫妻 我爱你 我真的很爱很爱你 谢谢你这几年来的照顾 永远都爱着你 请你一路走好 多多发梦来找我 懂吗 还有 我这一辈子还是不会原谅你的 You'll always be a part of me, my man. 我们来生见, till death do us apart baby boy. ❤️ #我的世界没了 #jaysiusonthephonewithaloyley

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Grief-stricken actress Jayley Woo, who’s Aloysius’ girlfriend, posted a heartbreaking message on Instagram, asking why he had left her behind. “I was not blessed to become your wife in this life. In the next life, we must be husband and wife,” she wrote in Mandarin. “I love you, I really, really love you. Thank you for your care over these past few years. I’ll love you forever, come visit me in my dreams,” she said, adding the hashtag “my world is no more”.

2. Hayley Woo

Jayley’s twin sister Hayley thanked Aloysius for celebrating their birthdays on Dec 27 and recounted how Aloysius and her had a heart-to-heart talk after her sister fell asleep. He told her that he was working hard to earn money, and was hoping to marry Jayley when he was around 31 years old. “I don’t have the fortune of having you as my brother-in-law in this life,” she said in Mandarin. “Please visit Jayley’s dreams and let her know what you didn’t get a chance to say to her.”

3. Carrie Wong

Actress Carrie Wong, who frequently collaborated with Aloysius, said in Mandarin: “”I always say to you, ‘Why is it you again?’, but really, I want to say that it was my good fortune to have worked with you so many times. Thank you for always bringing sunshine to others. I’ll always remember you. I’ll see you next time.”

4. Xu Bin

Fellow Noon Talk Media artiste and good pal said in his Instagram Story that he still could not believe it has happened. In an Instagram post, he added: “As brothers, you’ve done so much for me. I haven’t even gotten the chance to do anything for you and you left without a word. I will miss you, brothers forever.”

5. Zoe Tay

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💔💔💔🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 R.I.P. 心痛,心疼也不舍.. 愿你一路走好。 只合作一部剧,与你的戏份不多。 一次外景车赶不及送我回电视台,贴心的你主动送我一程,您是不顺路的,但你说难得可以跟我聊聊。你跟我分享你小时候叛逆的时期,家人对你束手无策。 后来许振荣辅导你,让你走向正轨,过后加入他的艺人公司。 言谈中觉得你成熟稳重,处事也很得体、细心,25岁年青人好懂事,非常喜欢这小男生。工作认真,戏又演得好,态度佳,台前幕后人都对你赞赏有加,荣少真的把你调教得很好。 你是一个有惊喜的演员,功课做得十分充足,原以为来日方长,有机会再合作。。。 意外来的太突然,知道你也努力了, Aloysius 小弟,一路走好。 R.I.P 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 荣少,你也要振作,加油。💪🏻💪🏻 @dasmondkoh My deepest condolences to Aloysius’s family. @aloypang #冯伟衷 #aloysiuspang #安息 #痛心 #惋惜和沉重 #你也可以是天使2 #太突然了 #仅有的一张合影照片 #很用功的弟弟 #谦虚又好学的艺人 #热爱表演的小弟 #英年早逝

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Her heart hurts, said Ah Jie Zoe Tay in Mandarin. While they only worked together for one show, but she remembered how he offered to give her a lift to the TV studio even though it was out of the way. “You said you seldom get to speak with me so that was a rare chance to do so. You shared with me about your earlier rebellious days and how Dasmond Koh (his manager) guided you and eventually signed you to his agency,” she recalled. “From the conversation, I felt you were mature, kind and sweet, very sensible for a 25 year-old. I really liked you. You were serious about your work, acted well, and had a great attitude. Everyone had nothing but praise for you. I thought you would go far, and that we would be able to work together again.”

“This accident was too sudden. But I know you’ve done your best. Rest in peace.”

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6. Jeanette Aw

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Actress Jeanette Aw’s tribute was simple. She posted a black and white collage of her acting alongside a young Aloysius Pang, accompanied by a black heart.

7. Romeo Tan

Fellow actor Romeo Tan said Aloysius was a sincere, enthusiastic and loyal friend. “I can’t do much for you, but this wonderful song by you will forever be etched in our hearts,” he said. “I still remember when I first heard this song, I remarked to you, ‘Wah! You can actually sing well!’ But you responded humbly by saying you were still learning. From that day on, this song left a deep impression on me. I miss working with you.”

8. Rebecca Lim

Actress Rebecca Lim posted a photo of the two of them and blurred her face out. “You are a really good guy. Although we’ve never worked together before, I was honoured to be able to call you my friend. I will remember and miss all those memories we’ve had together — eating, chatting and more. I will always miss you. Your brothers will help you fulfil all your wishes.”

9. Felicia Chin

Actress Felicia Chin posted a series of heartfelt photos of them while on a trip to Russia. “I wished you knew what an amazing person and human being you are. Refusing any compliments or accolades to your name, how brilliant and loved you are. Thank you. Thank you for being a dear friend to many. Thank you for speaking to me when I was at my lowest a few years ago,” she said. “My heart is so heavy but you know, I wish to see you in Heaven. You are a good son, friend, brother, person. Not many lived a life like yours. This is so sad…but thank you for being you. You are deeply loved and cherished dear Aloy. We all love you very very much.

10. Pierre Png

Actor Pierre Png posted an all-black photo, saying he’s “deeply saddened and very angry at the passing of an intelligent, unassuming and hardworking actor”. He added: “I guess I’ll never know why this had to happen. Until we meet again Aloysius Pang Wei Chong. Rest in Peace.”

11. Elvin Ng

“Unassuming, a kind boy, and well-loved by everyone. It’s heartbreaking and really hard to take,” said actor Elvin Ng.” Thank you for the beautiful memories you’ve given us, and you’ll always be in our hearts. We are all with you and your family. Please rest in peace, our dearest always.”

12. Hong Hui Fang

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Veteran actress Hong Hui Fang, who first acted as Aloysius’ mother in 2003 when he was just 12, recalled how they had such a good chemistry that it didn’t feel strange at all. “We chatted about so many things, and it left an impression on me,” she said in Mandarin. After that, Aloysius didn’t appear again until several years later and they went on to collaborate in several productions. “We chatted a lot again, and I understood you at an even deeper level. What you experienced during that absence from the industry is unimaginable, but it also made you who you are and turned you into a great actor.”

“You were a kind, caring boy. I always told you that you are the kind of son all mothers hope for. When I heard this news, my heart dropped and it hurts so so much. Tears flowed uncontrollably and I asked God, why did he take you away? Although I have many questions and can’t bear to let you go, but I have to accept this reality. I will always miss you.”

13. Paige Chua

Actress Paige Chua posted a photo of a flying horse, with the caption: “Be free, the way you were meant to be. The way you always wanted.”

14. Pan Lingling

Actress Pan Ling Ling posted a simple white dove, saying his departure has been heartbreaking. “You’re an angel. Hope you can rest in peace in Heaven.”

15. Sheila Sim

Model-actress Sheila Sim posted a group snap, lamenting how life can be really unfair sometimes. “It’s been tough on you these few days, Aloy. I…just can’t believe it.”

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16. Jesseca Liu

Actress Jesseca Liu said Aloysius was taken away too quickly by the Heavens. “Perhaps they don’t want you to be in pain, or perhaps they were jealous of your talent. We’ll send you off with our tears. Have a good journey, there’re no tears in Heaven.”

 17. Hong Ling

Actress Hong Ling, also known as Somaline Ang, posted a black and white picture of the two of them in a car, saying she had trouble sleeping when she heard the news. “Life and death is so unpredictable. So close to each other. We existed moment to moment, never knowing who will be the next to leave the world. Love knows no boundaries. While you are no longer physically with us, your spirit is always around us.”

18. Sora Ma

“I didn’t expect your injuries to be so serious,” said actress Sora Ma. “You said you were once rebellious but you got enlightened, that is why you were more caring than other men your age. You were so respectful to elders, and courteous and big-hearted towards women. You worked hard silently, but we all saw it. Heaven must really be jealous of your talent. Such a kind, well-mannered, humble boy. It shouldn’t, really shouldn’t, shouldn’t, shouldn’t, be you!”

19. Shane Pow

Actor Shane Pow posted a photo of him with Ian Fang, saying: “It’s not enough being brothers with you in this life. Let’s continue being brothers in the next life. I love you, big brother.”

20. Bryan Wong

Actor-host Bryan Wong reminisced about their shows together, where Aloysius was his disciple in one and his brother in another. “One would be so lucky in the real world to have you as either.” He added: “I am deeply saddened by your passing. We spoke at length of your aspirations, but most importantly, your love for your parents. Rest well Aloy, rest well my dear. But I will miss you so…..Goodbye Aloy, goodbye.”

21. Ann Kok

Actress Ann Kok said while they weren’t very close, she said frequently bumped into him at the studios or at events. “Your gentle, respectful manner makes people feel at ease and comfortable around you. So young yet such a good actor — you’ve left a deep impression on everyone. You were definitely a powerhouse. Maybe you had a greater purpose, and got sent to be an angel. Hope you can continue your acting dreams in Heaven. I hope we can act together the next time we meet.”

22. Tay Ping Hui

Actor Tay Ping Hui expressed his shock and said he is “truly, truly, truly sad”. “Aloysius was one of the few young actors that I actually admired, humble and always had his feet planted firmly to the ground. Another Singapore son needlessly lost. My deepest condolences to his family and those who love him. Rest in peace young man.”


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