Singapore coffee fest
Photo: Curious Palette

Get ready to be hit by an intense coffee buzz when Singapore Coffee Festival 2017 runs from Aug 3 to 6 at the Marina Bay Cruise Centre.

Home-grown roasters and cafes are going all out to please java lovers with offerings that range from the basic – flat whites and cappuccinos – to the not-so-basic – think rare and complex Ninety Plus Coffee Beans, comprising at least five Gesha varieties.

To help get you started on the caffeine trail, here is a list of must-try coffee drinks and which booths to find them at.

1. Boyle’s Nitro Coffee by Boyle’s Coffee, from $8

Where: Espresso #18

This cold-brew coffee is infused with nitrogen, resulting in a foamy topped drink with a creamy smooth texture.

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2. Coffee in a Cone by The Coffee Academics, $8

Where: Espresso #13

Sip and crunch with this novel offering. Available with a Piccolo, Babycino or Hot Chocolate.

3. Ninety Plus Filter Coffee by Foxhole Cafe x The Pourover Bar, $8 to $35

Where: Cappuccino #57

The Pourover Bar features a comprehensive selection of single-origin Ninety Plus speciality coffee beans, with each cup of coffee brewed to enhance the natural flavours and taste profiles of the single origin coffee beans.

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4. Cold Brews by Lorgan & Sons Coffee Company, $6

Where: Espresso #12

Cool down with signature drinks from this cold brew-focused coffee company.

5. Cinnamon Cafe Latte by Abbie’s Coffeehouse, $5.50

Where: Americano #15

Cinnamon adds a slightly sweet and aromatic spice note to this espresso and steamed milk drink.

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6. White Magic by Curious Palette, $7

Where: Americano #16

A refreshing blend of espresso, milk and a touch of cream.

From: Straits Times