Photo: Instagram (@timsuen)
Photo: Instagram (@timsuen)

Singapore Art Week is here and art enthusiasts will be taking their time to pore over captivating art work at high-profile exhibitions and installations by internationally renowned artists this during this span of time.

In the spirit of Art Week, BAZAAR would like to celebrate emerging and recognised local talents of all ages and their creative work. Whether or not these talents will be showcasing during this art-heavy occasion, their impressive portfolio has surely captured both our attention and our hearts with their limitless creativity and fascinating details. From visual artists, to illustrators to photographers, we present to you a list of incredibly talented creative Singaporeans to take note of.

The Art List

1) Lucinda Law (

Lucinda’s botanical illustrations showcase her skill in feather-light brush strokes, a keen eye, and her love for nature — very much reminiscent of images in botany textbooks of yore. On top of illustrating breathtaking illustrations of plants and flowers for her clients, Lucinda also teaches a range of watercolour courses in her art studio and heads Within — a nature-led creative and education studio.

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2) Marina A (@mrn.a)

Marina’s graphic artwork is provocative to say the least, teasing us with vivid images portraying youth and rebellion. Her unapologetic use of bold, vibrant palettes and titillating images that seem to have stepped out from a kitschy neon light-drenched arcade from the 1980’s evokes a sense of fun and freedom at first sight.

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3) Fyerool Darma (@fdarma)

A highlight in last year’s Singapore Biennale, Fyerool’s works range from 2D paintings to 3D installments. The conceptual artist’s works are mostly dark and moody — as though shrouded in a shadow of mystery —  melding local history, cultural references and a brooding energy together, conveying societal messages through non-verbal communication.

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4) Ruben Pang (@rubenpang)

Set against dark backgrounds, Ruben’s abstract art expresses the state of his psyche through almost non-definitive images in striking, electric hues. From paintings to sculptures, Ruben’s expressive creations has exhibited beyond Singaporean shores, making waves in Hong Kong, Switzerland and also Primo Marella Gallery in Italy.

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5) Howie Kim (@howiekjh)

Fresh out of La Salle College of the Arts, Howie Kim has caught attention with his fascinating illustrations. Balancing maturity with a dreamy child-like innocence, Howie’s pop surrealism images are captivating right from the get go.

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6) Hilmi Johandi (@hilmijohandi)

Hilmi’s oil on canvas paintings look back to Singapore’s cinematographic archives, drawing inspiration from film work from the 50’s-60’s as well as behaviour of local society in that era. The winner of ION Art Affordable Art Fair Young Talent in 2014 has had his works showcased at numerous local exhibitions. So engaging are his works that they have also been exhibited in galleries in NYC, London, and Paris, putting his name and our country on the world map.

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7) Anton Lim (@mellowedhigh)

Anton Lim is a whiz with the camera, producing street photography shot after shot. The urban photographer’s eye for raw city landscapes has caught the attention of Hypebeast and Adidas Originals, who have roped him in and tapped on his talent for their shoots and/or videos.

8) Candice Phang (@puffingmuffin)

Candice’s creativity has birthed vibrant characters that are carefree, whimsical, and downright adorable. Her illustrations have charmed their way through the local arts scene and even appeared on demos and collaborations with brands like Uniqlo, Guerlain, Chanel and National Library Board among others. Candice has also displayed her work at numerous local exhibitions, garnering attention from the public with positive reviews.

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9) Rachele Ho (@___rachele)

Vivid illustrations are Rachele’s forte, and her images speak for themselves through their effervescent nature. Comprising of mostly portraits (though she paints other surrealist images as well), the digital illustrator normally plays with pastel hues to evoke a child-like feel to the images she creates.

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10) Yanyun Chen (@yanyunchendrawings)

Yanyun depicts compelling images on fabriano paper with charcoal. Her artwork is often pensive and dark, provoking innermost thoughts of viewers that were untapped before. She has been actively showcasing her works at local exhibitions, but it’s only a matter of time before her work gets recognised internationally.

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11) Timothy Suen (@timsuen)

Timothy’s character-rich images captures aspects of of architecture, street wear and landscapes, mesmerising us with his vision. Highsnobiety, Zouk Singapore, and Universal Music Singapore are some of the big industry clients the talented photographer has collaborated with.

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12) Sarah Choo (@sarahchoojing)

Marvellous mood shots are Sarah’s weapon of choice when it comes to the photography lane. The award-winning photographer has exhibited worldwide, from the US, to Paris to Korea among other places, showcasing her views on contemporary society through her lens.

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13) Anwar Rafiee (@tra.anwarrafiee)

If you love animated and mood-lifting artwork, Anwar’s pieces are one to look for. The self-taught artist has climbed his way to recognition, gaining attention since his win at the “Design A Hotel Room” regional competition. With numerous collaborations under his belt (including with Naiise, Kulprit, and The Ate Group to name a few), the artist is set to send good vibes one illustration as a time.

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14) Ashley Yeo

The Fine Art graduate from Chelsea College of Art and Design has left us all in awe. Her life-like drawings and illustrations brings about wonderment, awakening the senses one piece after another. Her conceptual sculptures and paper are also noteworthy, enticing us with its intricate details. So captivating are her works, that they have been displayed overseas in Beijing, Norway and the US.

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15) Khairullah Rahim (@khairullahrahim)

From installations to paintings, Khairullah’s pieces are true gems in the art scene. He engages the audience with artwork that encapsulates personal experiences and observations on social issues. With that, he hopes to spark thought-provoking conversations among his art viewers.

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By Syed Zulfadhli and Dana Koh