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Photo: Instagram (@runyoko/@lenneigh/@esyk/@chrystlm)

You have to be living under a rock to not know that social media is on a steep incline with Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook at the top of the social media game today. So it comes as no surprise that just about anyone with a social media account of sorts are producing better and better photographs to win some likes and followers to stay afloat. Pretty faces aside, how else can one rise to be among the who’s who on digital platforms these days, right?

Besides just having an Instagram handle, anybody who owns film cameras, the most updated iPhone and anything else in between (armed with photo editing apps) is loosely deemed a “photographer” right now. Aim, shoot, edit, post. Easy peasy? Not quite. What sets a legit photographer apart – digital or otherwise – from amateur ones is a creative eye which only a select few possess.

And here at BAZAAR, we appreciate identity and creativity so we have sussed out some of the best talented photographers in our own motherland of Singapore who not only have the ability to capture arresting images, but have also imbued their distinctive aesthetics with mad skills and a keen eye for visuals that distinguish them from everyone else.

Tim Tan (@perspecgifs)

Website: http://perspecgifs.tumblr.com/

What’s hot on Instagram right now is the Wiggle 3D effect, where an image of a subject is caught in a stereoscopic manner to give a sense of depth. It’s really cool, so that’s probably why Tim Tan made a whole Instagram account for it. But what really makes it stand out is that he gave his shots an old school feel using Fujifilm 400 to achieve that look. It also doesn’t hurt that cool kids like Malaysian singer Yuna and Korean R&B prince Dean are more than willing to participate in his venture.

In trouble. W @deantrbl for @bandwagonasia

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Lenne Chai (@lenneigh)

Website: http://www.lenne.photography/

Fashion photographer Lenne Chai seems to hit all the right angles with her lenses. Capturing stunning mood shots and strong fashion images seems to be the name of her game, but what sets her apart from the rest  is her style that is a well-balanced mix of soft, romantic and slightly quirky.

Jayden Tan (@jaydenation)

Website: www.jaydentanphotography.com

The light seems to hit all the right spots for Jayden Tan’s striking photographs. Versatile and stunning, the young photographer uses his craft to capture fabulous shots that will get heads turning for all the good reasons.

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Mathieu Beth Tan (@redwashed)

Website: http://www.mathieubeth.com

Vibrant, colourful, and lively, Mathieu’s Instagram feed is a curated gallery of gorgeous shots that express a youthful spirit. Why else would Apple have tapped on this young Singaporean talent to shoot the brand’s campaign?

Anything for cactus ?

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Jason Lim (@jsnjnr)

Jason’s Instagram feed is a visual delight, giving ordinary every day surroundings a breath of new life shot after shot. He pushes the envelope a little further with cheeky insertions of puns in his captions which will make you go “I see what you did there!” if you’re sharp enough to spot them.

Juffrie Friday (@juffrie)

Website: http://juffrie.tumblr.com/

We wait with bated breath for every Instagram update from Juffrie Friday. The young photographer/filmographer captures his travel and adventures with impressive images, melding his tasteful creative eye behind the lenses and his hunger for thrill perfectly with every image.

As we bid farewell to Iceland

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Eugene Siow (@esyk)

Website: https://www.esyk.co

This young gun has a way of capturing stunning pensive shots of surroundings and projects, showcasing his normcore aesthetic that leaves one craving for more.

牛车水 '16

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Leslie Heng (@blackmobil)

Leslie’s artistic eye and photographic skills combine to catch some of the most enthralling snaps that pulls you in one photo at a time.


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Qi Yao (@runyoko)

Sharp, focused, mood-filled shots are the names of Qi Yao’s photography game. The fashion student showcases his flair for photography and his love for life with remarkable images on his grids.

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Chrystal Lim (@chrystlm)

Website: http://www.chrystlm.com

Chrystal’s lovely panoramic shots ignite the itch in us to go out, be free and embrace life and all the beauty it encapsulates.

Zantz Han (@zantz)

Website: http://www.zantzhan.com

Zantz’s effervescent fashion shots are uplifting and impressive, making him the photographer to get on your radar if you’re looking to stimulate your senses.

Ashley Mak (@ashleymakphotography)

Website: http://www.ashleymak.com

Whether it’s events, people, or simply his surroundings, Ashley’s awesome images reflect the simple pleasures of life beautifully through his lenses.

#?? Earlier today with @prettyfrowns

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Khairulazmas (@khairulazmas)

Khai’s fresh eye, fantastic photography skills, and outgoing spirit all combine to give a cool downtown vibe that we see on his remarkable Instagram page. His Hypebeast-esque aesthetic has not only garnered him a strong fan base in the photography scene, but also put him among Sony’s go-to photographers in Singapore.

Yik Keat (@yk)

Website: http://www.leeyikkeat.com

Yik Keat’s images pretty much sum up that this photographer is all about mad skills when it comes to producing breathtaking visuals. YK’s saturated shots have garnered him a strong Instagram following, so much so that Ultra 2017 – Singapore’s biggest music fest this year by far – roped him in to be the event’s official photographer.

Jonathan Lim (@clotwork)

Taking photography to a whole other level quite literally, Jonathan’s drone-shot images taken from high-level perspectives are charming and refreshing in the best way possible.

Seascapes ?

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Irfan (@_roniin)

Pensive shots are Irfan’s weapon of choice when it comes to posting captivating images on his magnificent Instagram page. Dark and melancholic, Irfan brings new life to images of every day going ons in Singapore.

Night shift #bnw

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By Syed Zulfadhli

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