$$$$ $10,000

Why I first noticed Robert in 2007 when he presented photographs of stuffed animals in a Berlin museum. Even as far back as this in his career, one could already see that there was more than meets the eye in his works. His works are more than just wildlife pictures. They lead you to delve deeper into the authenticity of the imagery and the science and fiction behind them. His oeuvre taken as a whole shows a vision unparalleled in the visual arts whether here or internationally.

Wow Only a few editions of his earlier works are available. For one of the rare, older works you should expect to pay from SGD10,000.


$$$$ $12,800

Why A relatively late starter in the visual arts, Jane works in the medium of paint, but to call her a painter is to miss the significance of her work altogether. Her sense of aesthetics is influenced by her earlier training in fashion design, with colour and texture of paint being manipulated to sumptuous effect. Jane came to prominence with a major show with Osage when they were in Singapore. She also displayed a huge work at the Singapore Biennale in 2008.

Wow She is notorious for taking a long time to produce a work, but this is because she is a perfectionist who does everything herself. Since she has started being represented by Sundaram Tagore she has attracted a lot of international interest. Prices start from SGD$12,800.

Red (details)

Why Donna is equally adept at both big installations and small works where she creates an alternative reality or unreality. She has an impeccable pedigree. Her works have been exhibited both locally as well as internationally in shows such as the Jakarta Biennale (2009), Kwandu Biennale (2008), 2nd Moscow Biennale (2007) and the inaugural Singapore Biennale (2007).
Wow Since her graduation from Goldsmiths College, London and University College with a degree in Fine Art as well as in Architecture, she has received much positive critical review for her installations as well as several awards and prizes such as the Singapore Undergraduate Scholarship from UCL, the Shell-NAC scholarship from the Singapore Arts Council and Shell and the Sefton Open Competition in Two Dimensional Art (2004), UK. Expect to pay upwards of SGD$12,800.


$$$$ $6,500+

Why Olga is a Singaporean artist of Russian-English and Hakka Chinese heritage, descended from a family of artists. I became aware of her works when I came to visit her exhibition in Brussels during the Asian art fair 2013. Her paintings highlight the creative and uplifting aspects of humanity. She explores her Asian roots through the image of the feminine form. Chinese influences are very evident in her series of nudes. I love the Madonna and child images.

Following the technique of the old masters, she builds up multiple layers of oil glaze to create depth and richness of colour. Her paintings are very finely executed and blend European and Asian influences as well as symbolic elements of religious art.
Wow It takes her many months to complete each piece due to the many layers involved. The prices for her works begin from around SGD$6,500 for small works going upwards to SGD$48,000 to SGD$64,000 for large works.