Kristen Stewart Princess Diana 'Spencer'

The Neon and Topic Studios trailer for Pablo Lorraín‘s Princess Diana biopic, Spencer, has officially arrived—and along with it, a whole slew of amusing reactions by anticipating devotees on Twitter.

Kristen Stewart, who stars as the late Princess Diana in the upcoming film, first appears in the teaser looking pensive through blinds of an indoor window amid what seems to be a brief, disassociated moment to herself, as she’s pulled in all directions by the people of Britain. A choir sings in the background as more chaos ensues—she runs slo-mo in a white gown down the halls of a chapel, then later debuts her take on Diana’s staple lilted accent. “They know everything,” costar Sally Hawkins says to Stewart’s royal character. “They don’t,” Stewart simply responds.

The biopic explores one weekend in Diana’s real life in 1991, a year before she and Prince Charles made their separation official to the public. And though the setting is abbreviated, the film aims to ultimately capture the inner world of Diana Frances Spencer, as she’s left to navigate her role as the Princess of Wales while tethered to the uncompromising demands born out of the notoriously archaic traditions of the British royal family.

For better or worse, Stewart has certainly been a recipient of much attention. Does Stewart look viable for an Oscar based on her sneak peek performance as Princess Diana? You can read on for what other users have to say about the much-anticipated Spencer on Twitter.

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