Stay On Budget With These 5 Apps That Will Help You Save Money
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While we all dream of purchasing our designer goods, it is even more important to think about and prioritise savings for our future.

As it’s fair to say that everyone has their own preferences when it comes down to managing our personal finances, we’ve put together a list of 5 different money-saving apps suited to a variety of needs.

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1. Seedly

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Trusted by over 80,000 users, Seedly is the first all-in-one personal finance app developed in Singapore. Helping you get the full picture of your finances, Seedly allows you to integrate your accounts seamlessly so that you can manage everything from account balances to expenses, design a personalised budgeting system and offers top-of-line security measures. You’ll even be able to have free access to daily tips and advice from trusted experts and the wider Seedly community, which will help you make more informed decisions on smart financial planning.

Available on all iOS and Android devices.

2. myCPF

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If you’re wanting to keep track or know how much money is in your CPF account, the Central Provident Fund Board‘s myCPF app is just the thing for you. Especially as it’ll give you an accurate look at what’s in your current CPF account balance, quick access to the information and can facilitate a host of services you’re looking for – whether it’s in areas like healthcare, housing, investments and more.

Available on all iOS and Android devices.

3. Tally: The Anything Tracker

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Looking for a comprehensive app that doesn’t just help you track your spending habits? If that’s the case, we believe Tally: The Anything Tracker is just the app to try out and it can even assist you with tracking other activities whether it’s taking your vitamins, ticking off your to-do list or even, tracking your daily moods. Through the app, you’ll easily be able to select what habits you’d like to track – budgeting, spending, saving – , gain valuable insights and even, check out your progress over time.

Available on iOS devices.

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4. Spendee Budget & Money Tracker

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Organise your budget with ease using the Spendee app, which will assist you in managing finances be it in your personal, business or household accounts. Downloaded by over 2,000,000 users worldwide, this app will ensure that you’re able to tap into a clean-cut analysis of your incomes and expenditures anytime, anywhere. On top of this, the Spendee app is also great when you’re travelling as it can work with multiple currencies and if need be, can also sync transaction information from payment services like Paypal and Coinbase.

Available online and on all iOS and Android devices.

5. Monny

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For those of you who may find managing expenses daunting, you can try out the Monny app which offers a gamified financial planning experience. Besides the friendly user interface, the app is incredibly effective allowing users to easily gauge their spending, income and balances. In addition to this, Monny will also make achieving your personal financial goals fun by giving you the chance to unlock new in-app achievements after accomplishing each mini-challenge throughout your financial journey.

Available on all iOS and Android devices.

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