Restaurant Zén and Krug Champagne
Photo: Courtesy of Restaurant Zén and Krug Champagne

If you’re at a loss of a date night idea or simply miss going out for some incredible food, we’ve got just the solution for you. For one night only on 26 May (7 pm), you’ll be able to enjoy an exclusive tasting experience in the comfort of your home with two-Michelin-starred Restaurant Zén and Krug Champagne.

Even in these unusual times, Restaurant Zén continues to innovate and is extending their signature hospitality to all. Presenting their first at-home tasting event Zén At Home, A Special Evening with Krug over a Zoom call, Restaurant Zén’s Executive Chef and Krug Ambassade Chef Tristin Farmer will take you through the special menu of the night, followed by a pairing segment with Beverage Director Aaron Jacobson and a special guest appearance by sixth-generation member of Krug champagne, Olivier Krug, who will share the champagne house’s storied history and why it continues to create a Grande Cuvée every year.

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Now, you must be wondering what the dinner menu has to offerwe can guarantee that you’ll be blown away. Whether you’re familiar with Restaurant Zén’s Japanese-influenced Nordic-Swedish cuisine or not, the specially curated four-course menu ($200) designed by Chef Tristin, paired with a chilled bottle of Krug Grande Cuvée #167 ($300) will make it a fine dining experience to remember.

To ensure that the food stays as fresh and warm as possiblemuch like how it would taste in the restaurant itself, Restaurant Zén has tapped Comfort taxi drivers who will deliver these exclusive dishes to your doorstep in a timely manner.

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Zén At Home, A Special Evening with Krug is available for booking via Whatsapp (+65 9236 6368), or Instagram direct message to @restaurantzen.sgp or @tristinfarmer.

Zoom login links will be provided with each delivery order with a minimum $500+ spent (including food and Krug). 

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