Sun Yanzi releases an exclusive short film and new EP titled “Rainbow Bot”
Photo: COurtesy of Apple Music

Local singer-songwriter, Stefanie Sun has collaborated with Apple Music to release an exclusive behind-the-scenes film giving viewers a glimpse of Sun’s creative process. The film documents intimate moments of the singer’s process: from her childhood aspirations, to the album recording and filming her music video at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

In addition to her comeback, Sun will be releasing a 5-track original EP titled “Rainbow Bot”. The positivity, innocence and child-like vision of the album is very much reflected in the title. It envisions itself through a child’s fresh eyes, and hopes to empower adults to encourage their children to find their own life’s adventures. This is one heartening summer playlist you wouldn’t want to miss.

The full album will be released on 19 August 2016 and will be available exclusively on Apple Music.

Watch the short film now over at Apple Music.

By Desiree Liew