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Victoria’s Secret, Chanel and Alexander McQueen, Stella Maxwell has modelled for some of the world’s most famous brands. Born in Ireland and raised in Belgium, she spent her teenage years in New Zealand where she was discovered at university.

Since then, the 26-year-old’s ascent has been impressive. Last year, she was named a Victoria’s Secret Angel (a role she will once again assume at the brand’s 2016 show tomorrow night) and most recently she was chosen to front Replay’s provocative new campaign, posing topless alongside Joan Smalls and Irina Shayk.

We sat down with Maxwell to discuss her latest role, her fitness regime and the secret to Instagram popularity.

Do you feel more comfortable in jeans and a T-shirt or do you love getting dressed up for the red carpet?

“Day to day, I like to be comfortable. I definitely wear too many jeans; I have so many at home. But I like the whole dress-up thing too. It’s nice to do a little bit of both.

How have you dealt with being in the spotlight? Have you found any part of it particularly difficult?

“No, it’s all been really good. It’s grown slowly, so it’s nice to enjoy the moment and be present.”

What have you learnt about yourself from being in the spotlight?

“Maybe that I’m a little shyer than I thought I was. Sometimes, when you roll out of bed you don’t want to be photographed by the paparazzi. Usually you like to know when you’re being photographed, I’ve learnt that, as a public figure, you have to up your game and be prepared. Ideally, you try not to roll out of bed without brushing your hair – just chuck a brush through it, make a little effort.”

Starring alongside Irina Shayk and Joan Smalls in the new Replay campaign

What do you think is the biggest misconception about being a model?

“Probably how much we travel. It’s non-stop and it takes a lot of energy to get on that plane, deal with the jetlag and still show up and have all the energy required for a shoot. People don’t realise how much goes that into that.”

Do you think social media plays an important role in our industry and how do you choose to use it?

“It does. People like to see what you’re doing and feel involve. Everyone craves that whole behind the scenes side of things. I think it’s important to keep people involved with what you’re doing and to shed a little light on what goes into the end result. There’s pressure, but you have to keep it real. People forget that Instagram is there for fun and I try not to lose sight of that. It’s not as serious as everyone thinks it is.”

What’s been your biggest achievement to date?

“There’s been a few… Lately, becoming a Victoria’s Secret Angel and that’s carrying on this year which is nice. I was also named Maxim‘s number one hottest girl which was huge milestone for me.”

How do you feel to be one of the new faces of Replay?

“It’s such an honour to be working with friends like Irina and Joan. I’m super happy to be representing this brand – I love Replay jeans. I’ve worn them multiple times and I’ve worked with them before. I like their work ethic.”

It’s so hard to find the perfect pair of jeans, how do you choose yours?

“It’s all about the fit, especially with my body type. I have quite long legs so I like a high-waist – it tapers in your waist. The Touch jeans are so comfortable – like leggings almost.”

How do you get ready for a big shoot or show?

“For shows I try to sleep as much as I can – that’s key – and for shoots, I eat clean and drink a lot of water. I also make sure I have downtime, so I’m relaxed and not too stressed.”

Stella Maxwell on the Victorias Secret 2015 catwalk

What are your tips for feeling confident in a bikini?

“If you’ve been eating well and trying not to party too hard… Take in that sun and relax – all those things make you feel good on the outside and that always reflects on the outside.”

What are your favourite ways to work out?

“I’ve been doing a lot of training with my personal trainer, so weights and lengthening your muscles so you don’t get stocky. You want lean muscles. Outside of that, I like going for a hike or a nice walk because you get fresh air. I like to work out alone so I don’t do classes, I like to do the torture alone.”

At the 2015 Met Ball

How do you motivate yourself to work out when you really don’t want to?

“I try to think professionally that my body is my job and just get up and do it, you always feel better after it.”

Has your beauty routine changed since you became a model?

“Yes, I’ve learnt a lot of things about skincare. I used to be terrible and go to bed with my makeup on and that’s just not good for your skin. Washing your face well, making sure you use the right products for your skin type.”

What’s the best beauty tip you’ve ever picked up on set?

“I never used to use eyedrops and they’re really great – they totally refresh your eyes. Concealer is another good one.”

What is the one beauty product you can’t live without?

“Bioderma remover – I use that everyday.”

From: Harper’s BAZAAR UK 

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