story of yanxi palace
We were this shocked too when we found out that so many story lines had been cut.

While the popular ‘Story of Yanxi Palace’ may have just finished its run in China, avid fans and close followers of the show would have realised that the hasty editing in the later half of the drama series did not do justice to the overall elegant pacing of the series. The 70-episode long drama series about the lives of the Qianlong Emperor’s scheming concubines has swept its way to the top of the charts, with over 15 billion views worldwide, but the haphazard editing has left us wondering: What was left out of the story in a bid to keep the series to its current form?

story of yanxi palace
Why did you have cut off so many episodes?

China has a strict policy about historical dramas and media companies are limited by the number of episodes that they can air in a year, so it comes as no surprise that the producers would resort to such drastic cuts in the story. While we’re still hoping that iQiyi (the company that owns ‘Story of Yanxi Palace’) will release an extended version in the future, that’s just a distant dream for now.

Here, we reveal the dramatic story lines that did not make it into the series:

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