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With most of us working from home and participating in virtual meetings on video conferencing platoforms such as Zoom and Hangouts Meet, it can be a challenge to create a presentable background that is reflective of your personal brand.

Whether you’re trying to set up a polished environment or you’re just looking to switch things up, here are some ways to give your next video call a stylish boost.

Declutter and tidy up

It’s time for some Marie Kondo-ing. Commit yourself to tidying up, and put away distracting items that lack value and meaning for a clutter-free space that will bring you more joy and less stress. We’re definitely keeping those sculptural vases and that gorgeous lamp—anything that will elevate the new space.

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Feature artworks or prints

Artworks complement existing interiors, add colours and textures to an otherwise drab wall, and lift your spirits. While galleries and antique shops are closed during this time of social distancing, options abound online. On a budget or looking for some therapeutic alone time? Sign up for an online workshop and try your hand at drawing and painting in the comfort of your home.

Incorporate some greenery

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House plants have the innate ability to intrigue and reassure while brightening up a lifeless space. Green thumb or not, there’re a myriad of plant types to connect us with nature even as we’re stuck indoors. Order yours online or grow your own.

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Display a quirky piece

A well-made statement piece can make a lot of difference to just about any space. It also reflects your personality and style. Be it a stylish chair, quirky table lamp, or fancy stationery—put it on display for a fun conversation starter.

Give your walls a new coat of paint

A new palette might just be what you need to spruce up your workspace—a fresh coat of paint in the right colour not only transforms the vibe in your room, it can also inspire and positively impact your mood.

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