Photographer Duo Synchrodogs On Their Influences And Idea Of Beauty

We quiz the creative couple on their processes, influences and idea of beauty

bimba y lola, fw15, synchrodogs

Beautifully warped and oddly inspiring, the editorials and campaigns produced by photographers Tania Shcheglova and Roman Noven never fail to get a double take. Remember that half-buried model in a bikini women-printed dress or the Cousin Itt-looking model grasping a red handbag? That was them for Bimba Y Lola’s past season campaigns. For the brand’s fall/winter 2015, the Ukrainian duo better known as Synchrodogs get wild in the west with a signature touch of rebelliousness and irony as embellished leather and suede ensembles are accessorised with live eagles. We quiz them on their processes, influences and idea of beauty.

bimba y lola, fw15, synchrodogs

How did the collaboration with Bimba Y Lola come about?

Bimba Y Lola first contacted us about 2 years ago and communication has been great right from the very beginning. We can clearly understand the brand identity and it feels really comfortable to work with them. In fact, it’s almost like we’re spending time with friends. We also feel that Bimba Y Lola’s collections are absolutely in line with our tastes and this helps our creative process.

What do you interpret of the fall/winter 2015 collection, and how did you tell that story through this campaign?

We tried combining cowboy themes with mood elements of an old circus. All Bimba Y Lola campaigns are built around women who are strong, confident and have their own defined style, so that is something we always keep in mind when working on ideas.

bimba y lola, fw15, synchrodogs

Can you walk me through your shoot and creative process for this campaign?

When we work on campaign shoots, all ideas are presented to the designer beforehand in the form of collages and mood boards. This way, all shots are carefully pre-planned and ready for execution. On shoot day, it is important to remain calm. We love working with cohesive teams —where everyone does what is needed to be done even without us asking them to do so. It is great teamwork that is the main secret of our success.

How did Synchrodogs come to be?

We met each other on a photography website in 2008. Having same tastes and perceptions made us think we are synchronised to some extent, and we love nature more then anything else. We added ‘dogs’ to our name because dogs are true friends to humans but whose souls belong to endless fields.

bimba y lola, fw15, synchrodogs

What kind of an effect/impact do you hope to make on people who view your work?

We hope people can redefine the borders between usual and unique, between ugly and beautiful, between commonness and perfection.

Who or what inspires you to keep on creating such conceptual imagery?

We are usually inspired by simply observing life and writing interesting things down, meditation and lucid dreaming techniques while trying to fall asleep. We usually write down all the ideas that come to mind, then when there is a shooting coming we come back to all those notes and find ideas that suit this exact shooting best.

What is beauty to you?

For us, beauty has a wide meaning. Any and every thing can be beautiful if put to some specific light and viewed from the right angle. For us a more difficult question would be, ‘What is not beautiful’? We love observing the world, animals and nature, and find some unique and wild energy preserved in it. At the same time, we love artificial materials like heavy transparent glass or textured fabrics, even technology and robot development has something fascinating.

To see more of Synchrodogs’s work, head on over to their website:

Text by Dana Koh

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