Team BAZAAR Christmas Gift Guide: For Colleagues Under $50
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It’s official. The season of giving is fast approaching and we can’t wait to soak in all the festivities this holidays!

But before we get around to doing that, the team has been in a frenzy, hitting the shops for their own holiday shopping! Here, we share what we think would be great gifts for each other this Christmas.


Kenneth Goh, Editor-In-Chief

I always believe in gifting great classic books that can remind you a little of your childhood and it’s always heartwarming to bring a touch of nostalgia during the festive period.


Charmaine Ho, Executive Editor

With the arrival of a new baby, I hardly have a moment to myself, let alone time to do Christmas shopping! Which is why I’ll be getting all my presents from The Art Faculty. A social enterprise that enables autistic and other differently-abled artists to remain financially independent, it’s an online shopping platform that features the artistic works of said individuals on a host of useful (and good-looking) items like greeting cards and tote bags, to coffee tumblers and umbrellas. What better way to partake in the season of giving than gifts that give back?


Joyce Lim, Contributing Editor

These copper water bottles by Shiva Designs Bespoke come in a variety of snazzy patterns and are said to have anti-microbial properties and a ton of other health benefits. True or not, they’ll sit pretty on your colleagues’ desk and encourage them to stay hydrated.


Daphne Tso, Senior Art Director

HUION HS64 Graphics Drawing Tablet offers a surprisingly good value for a colleague. I really like how the size (7.87×6.54in with a working surface area of 6.3x4in) makes it more portable than an ordinary sketch pad. My favourite feature is that it is battery-less. So if she or he needs to run to Starbucks on short notice to meet a client, they can throw their laptop in the bag with this tablet and they don’t have to worry if they remember to charge it or not. Quick sketching on the spot with clients can be important for the business. This battery-free tablet is a perfect gift to take on the road with them.


Windy Aulia, Creative Director

This might be called cheating, but because I love personalised gifts very much so I’m thinking of getting cute festive stationery from The Paper Bunny and letting my 5-year-old son to write greetings on them with crayons.


Sean Tan, Associate Editor

I would give something sweet and traditional that I myself really love—a box of Pineapple Tarts ($30) from Violet Oon. These handmade tarts follow a traditional Nyonya recipe featuring a buttery, Portuguese-inspired pastry encasing a Peranakan-style jam. They are really addictive!


Stephanie Gracia, Associate Art Director

For this festive season, I think a set of scented candle and linen spray from To Be Calm ($50) would be a great idea. Create a warm and comfy Christmas feeling at your room with relaxing spray and complete it with fresh notes of Bergamot & Sages scented candle. Keep calm and be merry & bright!


Jeffrey Yan, Associate Fashion Director

I think it’s beautiful to see old customs in a new light. Nala Designs is a Malaysian brand that puts a modern spin on traditional batik & Peranakan motifs. These vibrant baskets (approx. $42.50) will be a cheery alternative to drab storage boxes.


Gracia Phang, Fashion Stylist

Practical, useful, chic and environmentally friendly (we try)—the Stasher silicone bag from The Paper Bunny is excellent to store both food and random knick-knacks. Best of all, no plastic bags needed!


Angelyn Kwek, Associate Beauty Editor

Having a cuppa always bring to mind the image of cosy nights in and simply having some quality me time, so my pick would be TWG’s Red Christmas Tea — perfect for this time of year, and for sharing with your loved ones!


Shermin Ng, Senior Digital Writer

Attention must be paid to dry office skin! I’d gift Aesop’s Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm — its aromatic blend of nourishing ingredients and botanicals instantly hydrates and soothes parched hands


Stephanie Yeong, Contributing Sub Editor

A care package of crunchy munchies from the Land of Smiles (Thai brand Chao Sua’s rice crackers are much loved within my circle) for those late nights in the office, for as Ed Asner puts it, “no one, nowhere, at no time, should go hungry”.

Gracie Stewart, Contributing Digital Writer

This Christmas I’m going to be giving the gift of great skin with the Origins You’re A Natural Nature-Infused Masking Trio To Detox, Hydrate & Calm Set from Sephora ($32). The masks deliver naturally-derived, skin-loving ingredients quickly, making them perfect for use after a late night or a little overindulging during the festive period. Plus, the travel size bottles are great for anyone heading overseas for Christmas.


Navin Pillay, Contributing Digital Writer

Every month, I’ll have at least one colleague travelling out of the country either for business or pleasure. So, this season of giving, I’m gifting my colleagues Thann’s Aromatic Wood Collection Travel Set, $45.The set comes with a bottle of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body milk and body massage oil, all made with uplifting nutmeg essential oils and balanced with the sweetness of orange and tangerine essential oils. It’s the perfect one-stop toiletry set to help them relax in the shower after a long day, prepping them for a great night’s rest.


Margaux Levy, Intern

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Arriving next week: Tartan prints.

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I’m someone who likes to put in a lot of thought into gift-giving, especially as I’m a firm believer of giving something that my inner circle will definitely use for the long-haul. Since everyone’s generally becoming more conscious about the well-being of our Mother Earth, I believe the gift of a reusable (and cute!) BAGGU will go a long way. Coming in an assortment of patterns and made of ripstop material, I’m positive that the BAGGU is perfect for my colleagues to run their daily errands and reduce their own consumption of single-use plastics.