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Happy International Women’s Day! Team BAZAAR salutes the following inspirational women who have shaped, and are shaping our future.

Kenneth Goh, Editor-in-Chief

Having been with Harper’s Bazaar for more than 15 years, I always find the quips of Diana Vreeland so humorous and camp. The famous editrice of the American edition of the world’s oldest fashion title spouted audacious and some ludicrous quotes that are now infamous as they are wildly funny. Would you live your life according to her? Whatever you choose, “don’t be boring”.

Charmaine Ho, Executive Editor

I have always been in awe of pioneering female scientists but Marie Curie is tops for me. Denied entrance to a university because of her sex, she attended an underground university (called the Flying University, no less) to become the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, the first person to win more than one, and the only person to date to have two in different Science fields. A.W.E.

Windy Aulia, Associate Creative Director

For a designer who doesn’t say much nor gives many interviews, Rei Kawakubo lets her body of work do the talking. Her undeterred avant gardism and insistence on challenging established ideas are not only inspirational, but also the sum of Kawakubo’s legacy beyond her highly inventive designs.

Charmaine Chan, Associate Editor

The longest reigning monarch ever, Queen Elizabeth II has lived through wars, assassination attacks, 12 prime ministers (Theresa May is her 13th) and the evolution of the British Empire. A true example of grace under pressure, she has modernised the British monarchy, ably steering it through republican criticism and ensuring its survival into the 21st century. What other 92-year-old can say as much?

Queen Elizabeth II
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Dana Koh, Beauty Editor

Serena Williams displays immense strength, determination, passion and intelligence both on and off the court, consistently defying all odds and winning at life like the real-life superhero that she is. I also love how she can go from controlled to crazy and back in seconds.

Gerald Tan, Associate Fashion News Editor

I’m a huge fan of Japanese pop singer Hamasaki Ayumi, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that I’m nominating her for this list of inspirational women. Besides shattering music records on home ground (she’s sold more than 50 million albums), Hamasaki is battling hearing loss while doing what she does best: Performing on stage. Plus, her chameleon-like image was one of the reasons why I became interested in fashion in the first place.

Gracia Phang, Fashion Stylist

Dr Jane Goodall gave her life to immerse herself into the world of chimpanzees by being their friend and neighbour instead of just being an observer from afar. Her unconventional field research (at that time) through the years transformed the ways of nature conservation and the well-being of our declining wild life.

“Only if we understand, will we care. Only if we care, will we help. Only if we help, shall all be saved.” 

– Dr Jane Goodall
Dr Jane Goodall
Photo: National Geographic

Gracie Stewart, Senior Digital Writer

As the current Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern is using her platform to “create a path for other women” to follow in her footsteps. Not only is Ardern the youngest female Prime Minister in the world, she’s also only the second elected leader in history to give birth while serving as head of state. #girlpower

Jacinda Ardern
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