Wonder Woman
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Kenneth Goh, Editor-in-Chief

I would choose Kiki and Lala from Little Twin Stars. These cute as a button characters from Sanrio were my childhood pals – I bought everything from this pastel heaven where these two angels live. And with their superpowers to make me smile on the rainiest day where their magic wand could turn rainbows from every corner, and they would sprinkle fairy dust on everything to make them turn into heavenly creatures of fun and frivolity. Their magical powers was the belief that they could save you from the dark and turn everything the rosiest and prettiest shade of pink!

Little Twin Stars

Charmaine Ho, Executive Editor

Extremely rude, completely irreverent and split your sides funny, Deadpool is the ULTIMATE superhero for me. I mean, this dude regrows blown off limbs ghetto / gecko style. I’d hang out with him (or either of his movies) anytime.

Windy Aulia, Associate Creative Director

I have a soft spot for a flawed superhero plot. Between the dynamic of a young family, aging issue and trying to save the world, the narrative of The Incredibles couldn’t be any more real than that. Besides, which other hero flicks deal with the importance of superhero costumes? Edna Mode can attest.

The Incredibles 2

Charmaine Chan, Associate Editor

Wonder Woman for three reasons: Gal Gadot, Gal Gadot and Gal Gadot. With her combination of strength, beauty and good humour, she breathed new life into a character that had languished since the 1970s in the backwaters of the DC universe – and powerfully transformed movies fronted by female superheroes into viable commercial propositions.

Dana Koh, Beauty Editor

Iron Man. Love how brains powers brawn, how a human can be hero (and co-lead the Avengers), and well, Robert Downey Jr.

Gerald Tan, Associate Fashion News Editor

He’s not quite your usual cape crusader, but considering what he’s achieved, he might as well be—Harry Potter is, hand’s down, my favourite superhero. It goes without saying, then, that the eight Harry Potter movies rank high up on my “To-Rewatch-Over-and-Over-and-Over” list. And if you thought the hype surrounding the series is dying down, think again: With Instagram accounts like @gryffindior now immortalising the characters in the latest high fashion threads, the Potter universe just got infinitely cooler.

Gracia Phang, Fashion Stylist

Mary Poppins! Well, she doesn’t save the whole world from some disaster, but she saves a family from falling apart! It’s the little things that count, and families do mean the whole world to people. Also, who doesn’t love a little song and dance?

Mary Poppins

Gracie Stewart, Senior Digital Writer

Not your typical superhero, Venom is twisted, dark and fueled by rage which adds to his badass vibe. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s played by Tom Hardy!

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Embrace your inner anti-hero. #Venom 10.5.18

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