Vachirawit Chivaaree (left) and Metawin Opasiamkajorn, both wearing Gucci. (Photo: Hyena Studio)

One’s an easy-listening pop song that everyone loves, the other is a groovy electronic tune that gets you tapping your feet. That’s how Thai actors of the hour, Vachirawit “Bright” Chivaaree and Metawin “Win” Opasiamkajorn, describe each other in BAZAAR’s interview with them. While fans might disagree with the choice of music used to depict their two favourite stars, what’s undeniable is that their chemistry in 2gether: The Series, in which they had starring roles, has sent the Thai rom-com drama straight to the top of the charts: The series caused a frenzy on Twitter and Facebook upon airing on Thai television channel GMM 25 (it’s currently also on Netflix), and each episode racked up millions of views on YouTube (the first episode, posted this February, currently has over 13 million views). BAZAAR finds out more about their roles as Sarawat and Tine, their views on love and their next steps in showbiz. 

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How did you land the roles and how did you prepare for them

Vachirawit Chivaaree (VC): The network thought that our characters were a good fit and asked us if we were interested to take on the roles. We didn’t have to do much to adjust to each other—it’s generally easy for two guys to work together. Plus, Win and I have a lot in common, and we play games together; when you have similar interests, you get along. 

Metawin Opasiamkajorn (MO): That was my first acting opportunity and I auditioned specifically for the role of Tine. 

I tried my best to get to know the character, to understand what he thinks and feels, and how he expresses his emotions in each scene. It helped that we had a read-through, where actors would go in and read their scripts with the director to prepare for the start of filming. Working with Bright was very fun and there were no problems at all. 

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Vachirawit Chivaaree
Vachirawit Chivaaree wears Gucci (Photo: Hyena Studio)

Which scenes were the most memorable for you?

MO: The scenes I liked most are the ones with Tine’s three closest friends. The dynamics between us were great and it was always fun. We had so many inside jokes that made us laugh until we were hoarse. 

VC: I liked the concert scene, which also appears in the novel (of the same name by JittiRain). I kept imagining how the set-up would look like before we filmed it. The set resembled the concert of (rom-com musical) 2538 Alter Ma Jeep; they really went all out with the production. It actually looked like a campus tour concert and it made me feel like I was really in the story. 

Bright, you lent your vocals to the series’ soundtrack and also play instruments. Should we be expecting more music from you?

VC: Yeah, I sang the song “Kan Gu” for the series and have another song being released… there’ll be more music from me, so keep an eye out for it. I’ve been playing instruments—guitar, bass, drums, keyboard and other Western instruments—since a very young age, as I grew up in a music school. But I would say that I’m just an all right musician; not great. I guess I play okay enough not to ruin my family’s music school’s reputation. 

Will you guys take on more roles like these in the future? How do you see yourself going forward in showbiz?

VC: I don’t have anything like that lined up at the moment. To be honest, I don’t really limit myself to certain types of series; instead, I consider the character I’m playing. If I like the role, I’d take it regardless of the character’s sexuality. 

I love acting and I want to pursue a career in it. I want to be the kind of actor who portrays different characters, and I want to improve myself and work on realising my potential. 

MO: I’m the same way. What matters most is the story. Does the role suit me? Do I want to be that character? I’ve also got my sights set on getting better at acting and I would appreciate more opportunities in future. I’ll do my best and improve myself. 

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Metawin Opasiamkajornn
Metawin Opasiamkajornn wears Dior (Photo: Hyena Studio)

Do you have an ideal type? What type of woman would you choose for the other?

MO: I like to be with someone who makes me happy and lets us take care of each other. For Bright, she has to be pretty and low maintenance because he needs his own space and his girl has to be someone who can give him that. 

VC: I don’t have a specific type. If I like someone, I’ll be with her. That said, I prefer women who are on the same page as me. I don’t like those with too many rules and limitations. Choosing a girl for Win is easy: She has to be good-looking (laughs). Face first, talk later. 

If the other person is a music genre, what would he be?

VC: Win’s accessible, good-natured and easy-going—exactly like a cute, fun pop tune.

MO: Bright’s relaxed, with an independent spirit. When I think of him, I often think of “Day 1” by (English electronic music duo) HONNE. 

Stylist: Kunut Daomanee
Translation: Manta Klangboonklong
Additional reporting: Charmaine Ho