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The threat of terrorism, along with world health issues like Zika, the on-going refugee crisis, and political uncertainty in Europe following the Brexit continue to impact tourism, with some people opting for a staycation or to travel domestically rather than risk a trip abroad. It’s an understandable impulse, but Americans don’t need to stay home to stay safe.

If security is one of your top priorities in travel (and it should be), take a look at this year’s Global Peace Index before planning your next adventure. The Vision of Humanity project ranks 163 countries on 23 point of data including the presence of nuclear weapons, on-going domestic and international conflicts, and numbers of police and security officers. The annual ranking named Iceland as the as the most peaceful country in the world for the sixth year running, followed by Denmark, Austria, and New Zealand.

In contrast (and unsurprisingly) South Sudan and Syria ranked at the bottom of the list for 2016.

See the full top 10 below, then head over to to see the full list.

  1. 1. Iceland
  2. 2. Denmark
  3. 3. Austria
  4. 4. New Zealand
  5. 5. Portugal
  6. 6. Czech Republic
  7. 7. Switzerland
  8. 8. Canada
  9. 9. Japan
  10. 10. Slovenia

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