Blake Lively Comes Under Fire For Her Latest Instagram Post
Photo: Getty

​Blake Lively has been criticised on Twitter for being ‘racially insensitive’.

The actress posted a split photo to her Instagram – one photo of her from the front, and one from behind. She captioned the snap of her on the Cannes red carpet with: “LA face with an Oakland booty.”

This is a line from Sir Mix-A-Lot’s track “Baby Got Back (I Like Big Butts)”, which refers to a woman whose face looks like she is from Los Angeles (primarily white), while her behind looks like she is from neighbouring Californian city Oakland, which historically has a high African-American population.

Urban Dictionary says about LAFOB: “​Refers to a girl with a pretty face and a marvellous shapely ass.​”

The actress has come under fire on Twitter for being racially insensitive, while others argue that this innocent comment has been blown out of proportion.

​Blake is staying true to the lighthearted nature of her post and has not removed the image from Instagram.

From: Harper’s BAZAAR UK