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​Celebrity biographer J. Randy Taraborelli releases an unauthorized recap of Queen Bey‘s reign on earth next week, titled Becoming Beyoncé: The Untold Story. In a teaser piece explained in The New York Daily News, Taraborelli says the catalyst for last year’s “sometimes shit go down when it’s a billion dollars in an elevator” incident harks back a decade, basically, when rumors surfaced in 2005 (and have continue to simmer ever since) that Jay Z and his then-protege Rihanna were hooking up.

To be clear, this wasn’t the case. Taraborelli writes that Rihanna’s publicist cooked the story up to promote Rihanna’s debut single — a charge said publicist has since confirmed — and that was that. Well, except for the fact that Bey was so bothered by the thought “that RiRi had gotten under Jay Z’s skin” that she and Jay split up for a year, a “lonely year” Taraborelli clarifies. He also alleges Jay cheated on Beyoncé for real once they’d gotten back together (all that stopped once the couple got engaged).

But back to the Met Gala elevator fight: Rihanna is said to still “haunt the couple,” Taraborelli says, even though she and Bey are good friends now. As previously reported in the incident’s aftermath, Jay Z had wanted to attend an after-after-party with Rihanna that night, and Bey shut him down. This is when Solange apparently got involved, asking Jay why he couldn’t just go home with his wife. Jay then, per Taraborelli, told Solange to mind her own business, and the security camera footage that ~shocked the world~ happened.

Read more outrageousness from Becoming Beyoncé over at; the book is released Oct. 27 if your interest is piqued already.