Lion King
Photo: Youtube

Disney has struck gold over the last few years by releasing live-action remakes of its animated classics and, in 2019, it will release a new version of its most successful animated feature of the ’90s, The Lion King.

The latest live-action remake from the studio isn’t really a live-action remake at all, since as real as the animals in Jon Favreau’s take on the story look, they’re still animated. It’s worth noting this up front because honestly, once you’re watching the movie, you’ll probably forget that Disney didn’t just tame and train a group of really emotive lions and meerkats and warthogs and hyenas to bring this story to life.

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Favreau showed off this photorealistic computer animation in 2016’s The Jungle Book (which was technically a live-action remake because a real human boy played Mowgli, but the bulk of the film’s characters—you know, the jungle animals—were CGI) and it might look even better this time around.

The trailer, which is narrated by Mufasa, will give fans of the original movie chills. Why? Well, James Earl Jones, who iconically voiced the OG king of the Pride Lands in the 1994 film, is reprising his role in the 2019 remake. And yes, he’s still got it:

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