Christmas Sweet Treat - Grand Hyatt Singapore Santa's Shop Red Velvet Cake
Photo: Grand Hyatt Singapore

The best thing about Christmas time? Using it as an excuse for, basically, everything. Binge eating? It’s Christmas. Having more than two, or three, or four slices of cake? Heck, it’s Christmas. Going on an impulse shopping spree of takeaway goodies because of the endless plethora of sweet treats and gourmet gift sets? It’s Christmas, for goodness sake. So here’s a list of dessert-perfect favourites we’ll be tucking into this glorious yuletide season.

Grand Hyatt Singapore’s Red Velvet Cake

Why: Besides its gleaming Christmas red shell? Its fluffy, chocolate-y red velvet sponge layered with rich, smooth cream cheese frosting, crowned by a medley of juicy berries.
How much: $68 for 1kg
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Chalkfarm’s Durian Latte Cake

Why: For luscious durian custard sandwiched between two milk coffee sponge layers topped in freshly whipped cream and aromatic orange slivers
How much: $88 for 1kg
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Once Upon A Table’s Christmas Hampers

Why: They have Christmas gourmet boxes named after Santa’s trusty reindeer, from Prancer, a $box of freshly baked cooks and spiced nuts to the ultimate, Santa’s Reindeer, a luxurious $250 hamper designed in partnership with local artist, Ivan Lee and companies a.muse projects and KISSSAKI, filled with gourmet treats like truffles, meringues, macarons, cookies, classic hot chocolate and so much more.
How much: $38-$250
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Ciel Patisserie’s Petit-Tart Box

Why: It is perfect for the sweet toothes who want it all! Think a delectable row of three-bite-sized tarts brimming with Chocolate Almond, Chocolate Salted Caramel, Mixed Berry, Passionfruit, Lemon Meringue and Apple Crumble flavours.
How much: $22.80 for a box of six; $35.80 for a box of 12
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Nesuto Patisserie’s Salted Dulcey Cramel Log Cake

Why: It’s the prettiest triple threat: Think layers of light chocolate mousse swirling around buttermilk chocolate sponge, piped with caramelised white chocolate and laced with crunchy dark chocolate pearls.
How much: $88
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Goodwood Park Hotel’s Mini Mousse-icles

Why: For a different kind of sweet treat, why not try creamy popsicles? Available in Guanaja Chocolate, Summer Berries and Yuzu Mousse flavours, these are bright, refreshing and perfect for a tropical Christmas party.
How much: $16 for three
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Amiral Atelier’s Festive Fruit Cake

Why: A lot more refined in flavour and size compared to traditional fruit cakes, this slender (approximately) foot-long treat juxtaposes toppings of mildly-sweet dried fruit and crunchy slivers of nuts with a moist, rich “loaf” of fruit-stuffed cake.
How much: Visit its website or Paragon outlet for more information
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