Hermès, Leather Forever
Photo: Courtesy of Hermès

Mark your calendars: From 25 October, Hermès’ Leather Forever world tour makes its stop in Singapore at the ArtScience Museum. In celebration of the label’s long-lasting affinity with leather, the exhibition will feature work from the past and present, including some from its latest collections, all crafted with the finest leather, of course.  Visitors will also be given an exclusive insight into the makings of some of the most coveted Hermès pieces with live leather working demonstrations from craftsmen flown in from Paris.

As a prologue to all the excitement, a separate exhibition titled Little Room of Wanders, will be held in the Asian Civilisations Museum. Wanderers will be given access to Emile Hermès’ own private collection, an eclectic series of items ranging from paintings to a walking stick that doubles as a perfume spritzer. Pieced together, this two-part exhibition eloquently narrates the Hermès story and its legacy, that will undoubtedly also last an eternity.

The Hermès Leather Forever Exhibition will run from 25 October to 13 December at the ArtScience Musuem, Marina Bay Sands. The Little Room of Wanders will be held at the ACM Green at the Asian Civilisations Museum.

Text by Tanya Anthony