The In/Out List: Bubble Tea Busts, The Real Prince Charming Of Singapore & More!

Kicking off our inaugural In/Out List with subjects close to home


This week, we’re kicking off our inaugural In/Out List, an irreverent roundup of all the things that are trending or — gasp, out of fahsion (quelle horreur!) — on our Little Red Dot. Stay tuned as we bring you all the hottest talking points that you should be making polite conversation about over caviar and cocktails.

1. The great bubble tea debate

Unless you’ve been hiding under a Chanel iceberg, you’ll know the raging outrage swirling around the conversion of beloved bubble tea chain Gong Cha to a localised version called LiHo. But lest you dismiss it too quickly, we’ve tried out the new flavours (including the cheese one!) and our unanimous vote is that newer is better in this case.


2. Will the real Prince Charming please stand up?

With Prince Harry on our sunny shores at this very moment (heavy breathing) doing tons of local stuff like taking part in iftar (aka breaking fast) and watching silat matches, we’re of the mind that he is, indeed, the more charming brother. Sorry, Prince William.


3. Dots over blow ups

Word on the street is that a full blown Yayoi Kusama exhibition is going to be launched this week at the National Gallery Singapore, which happens to include the mirrored infinity room you’ve been seeing all over Instagram, so we’re going to go ahead and say, “That’s a yes for me, dawg” to Kusama and no to Jeff Koons’ full-blown balloon dogs.


4. Girl power rulez

If you haven’t caught Wonder Woman, we’re wondering… why haven’t you caught Wonder Woman??? With over USD100.5 million at the box office on opening weekend, this feminist film is kapow-ing its way into movie history. That’s more than we can say for any of movies in the Superman series, which weren’t so super after all.


5. Turning to a new page… or not

After closing its last physical store in 2012, local book retailer Page One is now making a comeback as a bargain bookstore in The Cathay, while in other parts of the island, MPH seems to have quietly shuttered its stores for good.


6. Throwing shade the chic way

Blame it on Gucci. With the Italian luxury brand giving editors a brilliantly personalised baseball cap as a welcome gift for its Cruise 2018 show in Florence, the baseball cap is officially the coolest headgear of the summer. Say auf wiedersehen to your visors for now and put on one of those snapbacks!


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