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Unless you have been living under a rock, you would have heard about the unfolding scandal that has rocked not only the South Korean Entertainment Industry and the country, but fans around the world. In what is arguably the largest epidemic to hit the industry, it seems like every day there is a new twist to the burgeoning scandal.

Mega K-pop star and the nicknamed, ‘Great Gatsby’ of Korea, Seungri of Big Bang finds himself at the center of the series of investigations into a sex and corruption scandal that includes soliciting prostitution for private investors and watching Spycam Porn.

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The scandal first broke when CCTV footage of an assault at Burning Sun, a club that Seungri owns, emerged, leading to a deeper and more thorough police investigation into the club that is reportedly known to be a hotspot for sexual activity and drug distribution. In the space of just two months, the police have opened up a Pandora’s box of scandals that has led to the current state of affairs.

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The scandal escalated again when a Korean News Outlet released a KaKaoTalk conversation between Seungri and three to four other people, arranging for what seemed to be sexual services for potential clients of Burning Sun. In a text allegedly sent by the singer, it said: “Pick the ones who’ll sleep with them without a fuss”.

It gets worse.

In an exclusive report by news outlet SBS funE, three other (and counting)  high-profile Korean singers have too, fallen from grace alongside the former Big Bang member, finding themselves embroiled in this scandal. The three others  involved: TV personality and singer-songwriter, Jung Joon-Young, Yung Jung-hyun from BEAST and Choi Jung Hyun from FT Island, are believed to be part of an online group chat where illicit sex videos taken of themselves with women are shared.

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In light of his precipitous fall from innocence, Seungri announced his decision to retire from showbiz altogether, and rightfully so. Following in his footsteps, Jung Joon-young has too announced his retirement from the industry.

Apologetic, guilty and forever tainted by this disturbing scandal that exposed the darker side of the K-Pop industry, they have all agreed to cooperate with further investigation.

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