Thirst Trap Thursday: Arifin Putra

Meet Indonesia's newest hottie

Blessed with windswept jet black hair, sparkly eyes and a sharp nose, this sexy fellow is none other than Arifin Putra. As one of Indonesia’s hottest up-and-coming actors, the 31-year-old Jakarta-based superstar has been building a steady resumé of blockbusters since 2008.

Born Putra Arifin Scheunemann in Mainz, Germany, he is the second of two children by a German father and a Chinese Indonesian mother. When he was 3-years-old, Putra and his family moved to Indonesia until 1998, when he returned to Germany due to the riots. A few years later the dashing actor returned to Indonesia and started starring in TV shows and commercials. In 2008, Putra made his mark on the box office by starring in Lost In Love. However, it wasn’t until 2014 that he started making waves at Sundance when he starred in The Raid 2, where he played the villainous heir to a mobster. Currently, Putra stars in the Mario Kassar-produced Foxtrot Six alongside Mike Lewis as a heroic mercenary.

Apart from acting, this introspective hottie isn’t all about breaking a sweat at the gym. Instead, you will find him either reading a stack of newspapers or jotting down future aspirations and milestones inside a Moleskine. And if you want to give him a call, he’ll never be anywhere without his old-fashioned Nokia, which he keeps as a backup in case his phone breaks down.

so if you dig a soulful creative who’s only one call away, then Putra is all yours! Consider yourselves trapped, ladies.

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