Thirst Trap Thursday: Louis Spencer

He's a royal hottie and Nicki Minaj is thirsting for him. By Michelle Varinata

While all of us are familiar with the late, great Princess Diana’s genetically blessed eldest son, we just realized that one of her descendants takes after the princess’ delicate English rose good looks. (Sorry, William!)

In case you missed it, this dashing 24-year-old young fellow is Louis Spencer, who is the cousin of Princes William and Harry. As the nephew of Princess Diana, the son of Charles Spencer (a.k.a. Di’s brother) has a VIP title under his belt as Viscount Althorp and the heir apparent to inherit the Earldom of Spencer. Although he is not qualified for the throne, we can’t help ourselves when it comes to his other attributes.

If you are wondering where 50 percent of his looks come from, you can thank Victoria Aitken, a former model who also passed down her flawless visage to his budding supermodel sibling, Lady Kitty Spencer alongside his twin sisters, Lady Eliza and Lady Amelia. Despite a pedigreed bloodline and winning the genetic lottery, his life hasn’t always been that #blessed.

Hiding in plain sight from the public eye, he didn’t make another appeareance until 2011, where Louis attended Kate and William’s wedding with a Justin Bieber haircut. Seven years later, he resurfaced with his siblings and mum at Meghan and Harry’s wedding all dolled up in a tux. No matter how much we wanted to hate his teeny bopper haircut back in 2011, we never thought that the viscount’s glow up would outshine the most-talked about wedding of the year.

In terms of Louis’ personal life, he is nothing like relatives (e.g. his eldest sister, Princess Eugenie and Arthur Chatto), who flout royal protocol by having Instagram accounts. Additionally, you will never be able to stalk him on LinkedIn. (But, you can slide into Princess Beatrice‘s InMail to link you up with him for a date!). Despite not having any form of social media, you won’t see him going Instagram official anytime soon and/or slide into his DMs. However, he is currently single – save for a photo he had with Nicki Minaj that nearly left us fooled three years ago. (Fun fact: he did have an IG before he deleted it.)

If celebrity encounters and a title aren’t impressive enough, the budding earl is set to inherit the storied Althorp estate, which houses 90 rooms and Princess Di’s burial plot. While you’re thinking about your itinerary for London, ask your concierge to book a tour. At least you can brag to your friends that you went to the viscount’s house.

As Princess Beatrice’s wedding is in October, we have months away to wait for Louis to stun us again. (P.S. Don’t get him mixed up with Lady Amelia’s boyfriend, Greg Mallett, who looks eerilie similar to Louis!)

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