Between walking down the runways of Seoul Fashion Week and rising to newfound fame as a reality star on Produce X 101, we can only say that Park Yuri is just getting started. Coming from a lineage of Korean, English and Russian ancestry, the 25-year-old spent his formative years growing up in Russia before making the final move to Seoul, Korea. And yes, he’s very much multilingual too.

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Apart from his captivating looks, this male model-celebrity has an endless repertoire of talents⁠—he’s caught the eyes of magazine titles like Vogue Girl, has incredible dance moves evident in his cameo in K-pop songstress LUNA‘s music video, Free Somebody, and was a competitive swimmer and an adept saxophonist during his school days.

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If that isn’t enough for you to thirst over, the multi-talented heartthrob is also an intellectual. Having been exposed to travel at a young age, it only made sense for globe-trotting Park to pursue a degree at Korea University’s Division of International Studies.

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If you enjoy the idea of a man who’s free-spirited and always up to something exciting, this Sagitarrian eye-candy would be your perfect match.