Three Fashion Designers Reveal The Artists Who Inspire Them

When the worlds of fashion and art collide in the best possible way

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Nicolas Ghesquière

Nicolas Ghesquière on Cindy Sherman

“I don’t think you discover the world of Cindy Sherman—it just catches you; it grabs you; it commands your attention. I had the chance to meet her, and we became friends; we collaborated on a project that is one of the best memories of our relationship. Every time I immerse myself in Cindy’s art, it brings me further into her endlessly fascinating and intriguing world, and I never feel I have fully explored it.”

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Untitled #424 by Cindy Sherman

fashion designers' artists

Tom Ford

Tom Ford on John Currin and Rachel Feinstein

“I think John Currin is one of the greatest living artists working today. His painterly skill, combined with his keen and perceptive eye, makes his work at once reminiscent of the great figurative painters of the past, yet with a completely contemporary take on our culture and standard beauty today—and often the absurdity of it. His wife Rachel Feinstein, is an incredible artist in her own right, and her sharp intelligence, combined with her soulfulness, is apparent not only in her work, but [also] when she charms you across a dinner table or discusses with passion her feelings about modern life.
Like all great couples, they are a true force.”

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Hun Girl by Rachel Feinstein

fashion designers' artists

Rachel in Fur by John Currin

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Raf Simons

Raf Simons on Sterling Ruby

“I was first introduced to Sterling Ruby’s work through gallerist Marc Foxx, who showed me one of his ceramic pieces. Immediately I was interested in learning more. Sterling and I met about 10 years ago at a studio visit and had an instant connection. I have always had a strong interest in contemporary art. When I saw some of Sterling’s paintings, I was moved by the use of colour. While designing my first haute couture collection at Dior, I thought about what Sterling did and that it would make an incredible print for fabric.

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SP287 by Sterling Ruby; Dior Haute Couture fall/winter 2012

We knew it would be a challenge due to the number of colours within his paintings; but seeing those prints on the dresses that came down the runway, it was so special, it was worth the effort. So many times in fashion (and in art), one is faced with the challenge of getting out of one’s comfort zone—to break out of the system. Sterling invites his audience to test their vulnerability and push boundaries. I myself enjoy pushing boundaries—doing things that are outside the ‘fashion system.’ For me, it is a form of liberation.”

fashion designers' artists

Basin Theology/Butterfly Wreck by Sterling Ruby

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