Tom Hiddleston Just Tweeted The Most Cryptic Thing And Everyone's Trying To Figure It Out
Photo: Getty

Tom Hiddleston has broken his tweet break with a very cryptic missive and everyone’s trying to figure out if it’s about Taylor or Calvin or Kim or Kanye or what?!?! Tom, we need more information!

What does it mean!? Is he tweeting about all the good things that are in his life because of T. Swift? Or is it, as Taylor Swift-Tom Hiddleston truthers would have you believe, a cry for help? We may never know.

Ever since that tweet, the flood gates have opened on his account, but it’s mostly just about his new movie Kong: Skull Island, about King Kong, including the trailer which just dropped:

He also thanked his Twitter followers for um, following him. He’s up to three million followers, and I’m sure that’s in no small part to his new lady love. What can I say? Taylor is good for business!

From: Harper’s BAZAAR US