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Hotels and Chinese restaurants are rolling out a dizzying selection of Chinese New Year (CNY) food for takeaway and most of what we’ve tasted so far is pretty good.

Those having a steamboat reunion dinner at home can up their game by ordering premium ingredients such as fresh prawn dumplings and pork balls with oyster from Man Fu Yuan at InterContinental Singapore and those looking for something extra special can splurge on a $700 pencai from Shang Palace that comes in a beautiful custom-made red-and-gold pot and includes a whole deboned garoupa stuffed with foie gras and wild mushrooms.

Some of these CNY takeaway items stand out for being not only top grade, but also very creative. And while quality often comes at a price, a few are very well-priced. Here are our top picks of delicacies to order for the Year of the Rat that you can enjoy at home.

This article originally appeared on The Straits Times.

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