18 Destinations With The Best Views Worth Traveling For

Pack your bags, and prepare to look up–and out

In our digitally-connected age, often the most powerful way to connect with a new environment is by putting your phone down and looking up (and out) at the wonders of the world. By disconnecting for a spell and visually engaging with your surroundings while traveling, you’ll elevate all of your senses. It turns out, the very best views found the world over go deeper than the visual–in fact, they partner with the rhythmic chanting of monks at a call to prayer and the scents of fragrant flora and dazzling fauna. A multi-sensory experience ensures these places will remain with you long after you return home, whether it’s a secluded island surrounded in solitude by the deepest azure blue or a bustling city that lights up at night. These views and settings will leave you inspired, awe-struck and forever changed. Here, the very best views in the world, how to experience them, where to find them, and why they’re worth traveling for.

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