Travel Notebook: Beauty Blogger, Michelle Sielman Goes On A Grand Greek Getaway

Peek into @bubblymichelle's vanity kit and paradisaical lifestyle

What are your insider tips to discover Sri Lanka?
Sri Lanka is best experienced off the beaten track. Instead of visiting tourist-frequented elephant orphanages, take a short drive out of the cultural triangle to Minneriya Park. Herds of wilds elephants—up to 200 to 300—gather here just before sunset to drink water and bathe in the lake. It’s an amazing experience. As for beaches, the best one’s require a minimum a three to four-hour drive! Even though the south is all about the beaches, the east is where the great, beautifully untouched ones are. Book an air taxi for easier access.

What are your top beauty shopping spots around the world?
Paris for two key reasons: The local pharmacies, which are always stocked with an impressive range of skincare, hand creams and masks that are affordable and yet great quality. Then there’s the By Terry flagship boutique in Galerie Vero Dodat. There’s loads of boutique-exclusive products that’s made to order and their complete selection of perfumes. And just around the corner you’ll find a Christian Louboutin store to get your shoe fix too. Two birds with one stone!

  • What are some of your current beauty essentials to travel with?
    When it comes to travel essentials, my must haves are a good oil/balm cleanser (the only thing that gets off sunscreen) , my Clé de Peau Body Lotion, La Mer hand cream, Chanel Lip balm, Chantecaille Vital Essence in case my skin gets sensitive (and it always acts up on holiday), Sisley Express Flower Gel Mask. If i’m on a tropical getaway body oil is a must. I love the one’s by Rene Futerer and Tom Ford.
bubblymichelle michelle sielman travel notebook beauty blogger

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Is there a schedule you follow on holiday?
I’m usually up early on holiday to get dressed leisurely, take shots of my make-up and a few more photos in the room for my Instagram or blog, then when I’m finally ready, we head out for a long, and I mean long, breakfast. Then rest of the day is usually packed, as I’m quite the plan maker and research all the best spots to savour the destination like a local.

What’s the most mind-blowing meal you’ve had in the world?
A special birthday dinner I had in Cheval Blanc Randheli. My husband requested a custom menu at their Japanese restaurant. He booked out the entire place just for us and it was one of the most memorable meals I’ve ever had. The food was exceptional, but also his thoughtfulness made it extra special.

What comprises your in-flight beauty routine?
My inflight beauty routine starts at home! I leave with a hydrating mask so my skin is all ready for the dry cabin air. I cleanse, add a hydrating essence and layer with a hydrating gel mask to lock in everything. I don’t wear makeup after, but just do my brows and I head to the airport. When I land, the first thing I do is cleanse, and do my regular routine, if it’s a red eye flight then I’d put on an energising mask like the Origins GinZing Peel-Off mask or the Sisley Radiant Glow Express mask to lift any dullness. I always make sure to pack a few masks if it’s a long flight.

bubblymichelle michelle sielman travel notebook beauty blogger

Heel, Christian Louboutin. Sunglasses, Dolce & Gabbana. Bag, Chanel. Radiant Glow Express mask, Sisley.

If you could escape to anywhere in the world right now, where and why?
I would go right back to Greece today with my hubby. My partner in crime. I love the life there, the breath-taking views from Maregio Suites, taking in the sunset from Oia Santorini, the most mind blowing fresh seafood at Spilia, and just savouring living in paradise while tucking into simple, delicious Greek Moussaka, grilled octopus and Mykonian salads.

  • Has there been a travel destination that you anticipated being complete foreign in but ended up enjoying it and connecting with the country/people more than you thought you would?
    That would be Tokyo for me. I believe they really make you feel welcome even though there’s a language barrier. The people are so polite and eager to help. We booked a five-day holiday in 2016 and ended up extending a few more days to really immerse ourselves in the city and it’s unique lifestyle and culture. I would love to go back soon!

Do you have a travel guilty pleasure?
I enjoy a couple glasses of moscato. Everyday. With most meals!

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