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Rosalyn Lee, better know here as Rozz, is known to be a frequent flyer and avid traveller. She love traveling as much as she does music, hence it is such an integral part of her. Recently, Rozz has set off on an adventure that took her to Peru, Bolivia, Cuba and Mexico. Armed with just her humble iPhone X, Rozz shared amazing images of her travels.

First, she travelled high to the Andes Mountains to visit the Incan citadel of Machu Picchu. An icon of the Incan civilization, the ancient stone city is set atop the foggy mountains. The view was just breathtaking! Rozz took the opportunity to create a beautiful timelapse, just to capture the nature in front of her. Setting up her manfrotto PIXI mini tripod and iPhone X, just have a look at the stunning time-lapse footage below:


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And she didn’t stop there! Rozz hopped on a plane to Mexico to catch the incredible sunrise at Chichen Itza, an ancient Mayan complex before its official opening hours.


Finally, after visiting a slew of ancient civilisations, Rozz made her way to Bolivia to see the highly raved about Uyuni Salt Flats, world’s highest and largest natural mirror reflecting the perfect sky above. The footage she shot was just unreal.

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When asked which place she adventured to was her favourite, Rozz responded,”It’s tough to choose. Had some the most amazing food in Peru and Mexico, was blown away by the sights and people of Cuba, and pretty much left a piece of my heart in Bolivia. But one of the highlights would have to be meeting Chef Virgilio of Restaurant Central in Peru – he’s a culinary madcap, a newgen Ferran Adria whom I admire. I was honoured to have been personally hosted by Virgilio, his 17-course altitude dinner was hands down one of the top three meals I’ve ever had in my life. Sights-wise, the jaw-droppingly beautiful Uyuni Salt Flats, the serenity and mystery of the Machu Picchu, and rescuing a car of stranded females in the middle of the Bolivian desert were definitely highlights.”

The videos she shot speaks for itself. To think that she edited each clip on the go with her iPhone X with her go-to video-editing apps like Videoshop and iMovie. Besides that, there’s a whole host of apps that even support 4K editing such as Filmmaker Pro.

All you have to do now, is book a flight and record your adventure!

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