Rainbow Village
Photo: Instagram

Kampung Pelangi wasn’t exactly the ideal travel destination, but after a colorful makeover, visitors are flocking to this Indonesian village located in Randusari in South Semarang.

The local government invested Rp 300 million (about $23,000) to paint 223 buildings in a rainbow of colors in hopes that it would turn their town into a tourist attraction, Lonely Planet reports.

From the number of selfies you can find on Instagram of people posing with the interactive art displays around the village, it seems like the project, which was just completed last month, is a wild success.

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As more people head to their village, residents are also boosting their local economy by selling souvenirs and food to tourists. The town now plans on investing a total of Rp 2 billion (about $31,031,860) into the revival, which will include painting a total of 390 houses and cleaning the local river.

If you’re in need of a colorful excursion, look no further than Kampung Pelangi.

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