The Tech Geek’s Guide To Packing For A Holiday

For all you bookish types out there, there’s now no reason to neglect your sartorial codes. Thanks to the likes of Alessandro Michele rolling out an eccentric librarian aesthetic at Gucci, plus Demna Gvasalia debuting at Balenciaga with a legion of check suits that are finessed to couture-like quality, geek chic is now constantly being reinvented.

So what to pack on a holiday? Even if you choose to stick with a uniform a la Mark Zuckerberg, there are still plenty of elevated pieces to help you look like you’re always on top of the game. A perennial favourite, the hoodie is now made super cool with clever tailoring or techno fabrics. Even nerdy glasses now come studded with crystals for extra bling, or given futuristic vibes with sleek metallic finishing.

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And as any technophile can attest, staying connected is most vital—even on a holiday! Enter GlocalMe, a service which provides travellers with mobile Wifi devices that lets them connect to 4G or 3G networks in more than 100 countries. The best part? The device is SIM-free, which means you don’t have to worry about the hassle of signing up for unnecessary contracts just to be able to surf the Web overseas. Boosting up to 15 hours of daily battery life, you’ll always be connected while on the move. Now that’s how you become a smart—and stylish—traveller.


GlocalMe has just launched the U2, its newest device that is sleek and slim. Photo: GlocalMe

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The device allows five gadgets to tap into its connection. Photo: GlocalMe


The G2 is one of GlocalMe’s star products. Photo: GlocalMe

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By Gerald Tan

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