5 Travel Destinations For Pastel Lovers

Less about the hotel and more about the hue

Santorini, Greece

Photo: Flickr

When you’re trying to decide where to take your summer holidays, there are a number of factors that can quickly turn the idea of a last minute long weekend getaway in to a mammoth 13-hour flight across the Atlantic, in search of a destination that’s obscure enough for you to actually Geotag.

Your final decision could be based on finding somewhere with that elusive combination of hedonism and culture (yes, even Ibiza has a contemporary art museum) or you could be on the hunt for somewhere that’s so overwhelmingly aesthetically pleasing that you’ll risk your entire data roaming allowance to get that ‘gram.

And now with Pantone’s bubble gum shade of ‘pale dogwood’ inspiring every designer from Balenciaga to Gucci and Céline, pastel is undeniably this year’s most coveted hue – so why not pay a visit to the world’s dreamiest, soft-hued destinations.

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