Martha Stewart
Photo: Jon Kopaloff / Getty

Martha Stewart left the Internet in shambles after posting a surprisingly sexy poolside selfie on her personal Instagram.

– In the photo, Stewart is rocking full makeup, smoldering for the camera, while posing in her Hamptons home pool.

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Who knew Martha Stewart was a master of the summer selfie? The media personality shared a slightly out-of-character, smoldering selfie on Instagram yesterday, simultaneously shocking fans and the Internet at large. In the photo, Stewart is rocking a swimsuit and full glam makeup, including smoky-lined eyes and a frosty pale-pink lip, while posing in her Hamptons home pool.

“My pool in East Hampton is the place to be on a 89 degree day! When I built the pool thirty years ago it was designed to be as chlorine free as possible, with a natural concrete finish-no paint- and it fit in a long narrow space between the house and the property line,” wrote Stewart in her caption. “I made it extra deep for diving and with no protruding steps so we could really race the length without worrying about obstacles. After all these years, It is a fun place to swim!!!”

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To be fair, if we were a multimillion-dollar home and garden media personality escaping to the Hamptons in the midst of a global health crisis, we, too, would share a sexy, water-drenched selfie or two. (But maybe we’d post it on our finsta.)

Twitter was quick to react to Stewart’s sultry gift and couldn’t help but congratulate the mogul for looking pretty damn good after decades of serving as America’s home and cooking expert. We’ve rounded up our favorite tweets about Stewart’s Hamptons moment below.

This article originally appeared on Harper’s BAZAAR US.

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