Victoria Beckham
Photo: Getty

Victoria Beckham isn’t your regular mom, she’s a cool mom and she’s not afraid to whip out the electric slide at a moment’s notice, okay?

In case you were nostalgic for the designer’s Spice Girls days, she proved she’s still got some dancing skills—although now in the form of everyone’s not-so-favorite classic line dance. While vacationing in Mexico for Eva Longoria’s wedding, Beckham shared a video on Instagram dancing the electric slide with hairdresser Ken Paves against a gorgeous sunset—as one typically does.

She made sure to include the hashtag #howmuchtequila in her Instagram caption, because everyone knows this line dance isn’t possible without the help of a few drinks. And in a truly historic moment, Victoria Beckham somehow managed to make the electric slide cool again. Please go alert your Aunt Carol.

All fun and games aside, though, the designer also took advantage of the picturesque sunset for a serious photo op with husband David Beckham too because, priorities.

From: Harper’s BAZAAR US