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When Georgia Fowler realized she’d be walking in the Victoria’s Secret runway show for the first time this year, she called her mom. “She was crying. It was huge—I have been going for it for five years, so it has been a long time coming,” she reveals as her eyes well up. “It was such a pinch-me moment, I still can’t really believe it actually. I cried nonstop for like 48 hours and I’m going to cry now.”

Walking in the show has been a dream of the New Zealand-born model’s since the beginning of her career, when, at 12 years old, a modeling agency in Auckland signed her and her older sister at the same time. Four years later, IMG asked her to move to New York, and she has been here ever since. “There are going to be so many amazing girls around me,” Fowler says of the show, which will air on December 5. “These are the girls who were on the cover of my diary when I was at high school and now I’m going to be doing it with them. I still can’t really believe it, it’s such a dream.”

So how is the model preparing for her show debut? met Fowler at her Manhattan apartment to find out. Here, she takes us through her daily beauty, exercise and diet routines.

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Photo: Tyler Joe

8 a.m.: If it’s a work day I am generally rising at about 5 a.m., but my days off I get up a little later and I’ll put on some music straight away, some nice calming music. I love Asgear, just slow, chill, alternative music. Right now I am playing a new one I just found, actually, called Ry X. Then I will turn on the news for a little bit and make a French press coffee.

If I make breakfast, it’s always eggs with avocado and spinach. That’s enough protein and keeps you full. Otherwise I’ll try meet someone for a coffee and breakfast. I tend to stick to my few favorite cafes. Coco & Cru, The Smile, Café Gitane, Ruby’s and Two Hands are probably my go-tos. When I have my morning coffee I will have my leave my phone in the bedroom, and if I go out to a café, while everyone else is on their phone, I will happily just sit there and eat my breakfast and look at whatI’m eating and actually be in the moment; looking around and looking at people. I think that’s a really important thing to do, there’s always so much going on; you really need to focus on where you are and what you are doing at that time.

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I’m pretty healthy all year round. Of course leading into the show I’ll try and avoid things that bloat you. Everyone’s different, but I just try to have small sips of things rather than chugging a whole bottle of water and having a whole lot of fluid in you. Sip things slowly or just eat in smaller amounts five times a day—and make sure it’s smaller meals otherwise your body can’t work through it all and it just sits in your stomach and might make you feel a bit more bloated. But yeah you don’t want to fill yourselves up right before a show and feel bloated but you still want to go up and have the energy and look excited and bouncy so it’s important to have fuel. Basically just avoid anything that’s too large and heavy or like cruciferous vegetables are bad to have like broccoli or cauliflower or brussel sprouts or a whole lot of bread. Just stick to protein and water vegetables basically, they are really good for not bloating.

9.30 a.m.: Everyday I try and keep it different with my workouts. I mix up exercise with a trainer and classes. If I have a day off, I generally try and plan it with my trainer. If I’m working, I never know when I’m going to finish a shoot so I don’t know what I can commit to and will just book classes last minute. A good trick for everyone is, always bring your exercise gear to work because if I get home from work I am never going to get out again. Once I sit on the couch, I am done. I will even change into it at work and sign up to a 5.30 p.m. SLT class or an Equinox class. You can’t get out of it once you paid basically.

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To be honest I’m trying not to change my workout too much. I shoot a lot of swimwear throughout the year so it’s not like I was out of shape before. And it’s important not to change [my body] too much because Victoria’s Secret cast me at how I looked at that certain point, so I don’t need to do anything more than that. But I have stepped it up little bit. Obviously you’re more aware that you want to be in you best form, but it’s my job to look good year round. I can’t turn up to a shoot not being in shape. Leading into the show it is a lot more toning and making sure you’re feeling psychologically perfect.

I don’t have much of a butt naturally, so I definitely like squatting it out. Then of course abs, and my back is pretty bad—it gets quite sore often—so I target my back for strength purposes. But basically my target is an over-all body exercise. I’m pretty lucky that I don’t have any places that I hate.

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One of my best girlfriends is a Nike master trainer, Kirsty Godso. We always do workouts together and we love to try new classes. I think that’s a really good trick is to just mix things up all the time. It keeps your body guessing, it keeps things interesting—changing all of the movements tricks your muscles and that is how you get results.

I love to do a cycling class and a hard boxing class for a bit of cardio. I love to do SLT Pilates reformer, and I like training with a trainer. I’m basically a bit of a gym slut, I bounce around everywhere. For me exercise is also a great stress reliever. I love being about to sweat, you feel like you’re doing something.

Also leading up to the show when I’m working out that hard, it’s important do to some form of yoga or stretching because you can get quite tight and ‘muscly’—and you want to look long and lean. So incorporating a massage and doing your stretches after you’ve worked out is important. I saw that when I was training really hard my stomach muscles were getting very strong and I preferred when I wasn’t working out because it was taller and more elongated. That just depends on the person and how you build muscle and how you hold yourself during the day, too. Some people hold themselves up but I tend to crunch over and slouch a bit, so it’s important to remember to stretch yourself out.

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11 a.m.: My beauty routine is pretty simple. I have a new serum which I really like; it penetrates a little deeper into your skin. Embryolissse Moisturizer goes under makeup really well, and you can apply it really thick, like more of a mask, or just use a thin layer. A lot of makeup artists use it, too, which makes me think it’s pretty good!

I love the Nuxe lip balm, another French brand. Pawpaw for if there’s anything particularly dry. I love also using it as a makeup tool. I’ll put some at the top of my cheekbones or on my eyelids for a bit of glow, and if your hands or your elbows or anything are dry, too, it’s like an all in one.

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For makeup my favorite look would be some the MAC face and body foundation but sometimes I don’t even do that. My skin is pretty good and I think it always looks better when it’s fresh. The minute you put on dry foundation it makes you look a lot older and dull; I like being dewy and young.

So generally I’ll just put some concealer under my eyes, around my nose and then on any spot that I might have. I’ll use a bronzer as a slight contour and also put it on my eyelids as a light shadow. Then just Boy Brow: I always try to brush my eyebrows up and fill them out a little bit. Then mascara and maybe a little bit of highlighter on your cupids bow. People forget about that spot, but it can really pop your lips out.

I have to wet my hair because it curls in a really bad way when I go to bed. So even if I don’t wash it I’ve got to wet it before adding some moisturizing cream so it’s not a frizz bomb. But I have really started to embrace my curls. I also really love John Frieda, a brunette shampoo and conditioner.

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2 p.m.: In the afternoons I might do a little bit of window shopping, a bit of homewears shopping, go look at some stores, get some lunch somewhere. Maybe meet a friend if I haven’t already or just go to Whole Foods and get a salad bowl. There’s a place called Life Thyme Natural Market that I love. They do amazing, very healthy organic salads. The thing is, I like to eat a lot so I have to eat really healthy things.

When I get a day off, might get a facial at J Tav Skincare or I try and have a Chinese massage. It’s really good for recovering and chilling out and if you’ve got an hour and $45 to spare, then why not? You can’t touch your phone for an hour, so sometimes it’s not even so much about the massage but more that you’re just sitting in one place. You have to clear your mind, it’s just taking a moment to be present. I also love going for a walk along the west side water front. Just having that big body of water by you is amazing. I mean, it’s nothing like back home—I miss the beach. Whenever I’m home in New Zealand I always jump straight in the water, regardless if it’s winter or summer. It’s great for your skin and your mind. I love it.

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6 p.m.: For dinner I don’t cook. I like cooking and I probably could cook but I live alone in New York City—it’s so easy to pick up something on the way home or get a healthy Seamless delivery. If I do cook it will be eggs because why would I cook a big steak for one? It’s quite depressing. It sucks not being around family, especially when you get big news and there isn’t really anyone who can come over and share those moments with you. Or on Sunday nights when you don’t want to go out or drink and you just want to slump around the house and you don’t have your family to be around.

If I have been to the super market, what I’ll have in my fridge is tomatoes, spinach, avocados, onion, peppers and mushrooms and maybe some asparagus. And I’ll just make a big scramble full of veg and some eggs; that’s what I love. For a cheat meal, I love a good burger. Like a good Kiwi burger that has a yummy lean meat paddy, it might have a fried egg on it, lots of caramelized onions. But it’s the sort of thing that I actually wouldn’t want everyday. I actually like healthy food because it’s part of my lifestyle; I feel good with it and there are so many healthy choices in New York. So basically I just stick to lean proteins and lots of vegetables.

9 p.m.: In the evenings I will use an exfoliator if I feel like I have been working out a lot and I’ve got lots of makeup residue on my skin. I’ll exfoliate every few days. I also use theBioderma Crealine makeup remover to take my makeup off, it’s really good because it’s not too oily and I use Glossier face wash. I like SKINny chemical peel in a jar for the backs of arms and thighs for deep exfoliation at night during the week before the show, and I love the SKINny face oil for when I’m feeling super dry—especially after a long flight.

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