Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram

In our Instagram-ruled world, travel FOMO and the urge to go on the most fabulous vacation of a lifetime is now stronger than ever. So strong in fact that it probably hadn’t even crossed your mind that you should be sailing the coast of Ibiza or dining along the Greek Isles until you saw a flock of well-dressed fashion bloggers’ Insta feeds last summer. Those picturesque vacation Instagrams have influenced the way we want to travel so much so that now there’s finally an app dedicated to combining the two.

Tapping into the newfound blogger curated travel world, Kat Tanita of With Love From Kat, launched a new travel app which can be considered the universal guide to the most Instagram-able getaway. Although social media bragging rights aside, these are the vacation experiences that every traveler looking to live like a local really seeks when venturing to new destinations. For the app launch, Tanita selected 15 of her favorite, most-travelled to cities across the globe (as a fashion/travel blogger she’s traveling on average two weeks per month—so she’s pretty qualified in making these choices). The cities range from Capri to Paris, Nantucket, New York and more with each destination equipped with suggestions on where to eat, stay, shop, relax, play and wear.

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Photo: Courtesy of Kat Tanita

Tanita says she hopes to give travelers a more unique vacation experience, “The app is geared towards 25 to 35 year-old ambitious, jet setters looking for that off the beaten path cafe in Florence, one of a kind vintage store in Paris and hidden beach in St. Barths. It’s extremely curated so you won’t be overwhelmed with hundreds of recommendations.  Instead, you’ll find 10 or so tested and approved restaurants, shops and hotels per city that I’ve personally been to and had a wonderful experience at.”

All of the photos on the With Love From Kat travel app come directly from Tanita’s own Instagram—from dining to outfits and more. Which destinations can we expect next for the first-ever fashion blogger travel app? Tanita says Marrakech, Sydney and Tokyo are the next cities on her list to be added into the app. Here’s to a New Year of fashionable, Instagram-worthy vacations…

Download With Love From Kat for free here.

From: Harper’s BAZAAR US