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She pounced onto the social media scape as @catslavery, winning the “hearts” of many with her daily kitchen exploits, and cat lover-mommy adventures. Bella Koh quit her day job to pursue personal interests (something many dream about), which pretty much revolve around immersing herself in the wonders of the everyday—from savouring wholesome meals and being a mom, to curating beauty out of the ordinary, Instagramming it all along the way. We, too, have lost count of how many posts we’ve “hearted” of her modern minimalist abode, cats, baby Alessandra and healthy feasts that she styles to perfection. Oh, and she’s also the founder Flea and Trees, the popular vintage accessories and lifestyle store in Tiong Bahru. In line with our January “Happiness” issue, we speak to this purveyor of #thegoodlife on her versions of happy meals and discover how the way to anyone’s heart is the truly through the stomach.

What’s on your #eatclean menu?

Definitely a tall glass of juice in the morning—it helps curb your appetite and somehow leads your palate to crave similarly organic, simple foods all day. Lunch often comprises quinoa, couscous and roasted vegetables. Dinner is usually a simple soup with organic brown rice.

What are your versions of happy meals?

When I’m at home, vegan fried vermicelli with organic chives and limes—fuss free and simple. If not, anything from Grain Traders, which does delicious slow cooked food!

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bella koh catslavery
Photo: Instagram / @catslavery

What is your guilty pleasure?

Sometimes it’s my vegan avocado cacao cake, sometimes it’s Ginza Kuroson’s sashimi with beer.

What’s your favourite supper haunt?

I’ve ceased doing suppers since most of the supper places are not that healthy. If I’m desperate, probably to Long Chim for the best Thai food!

What are your brunch favourites?

Brunch without eggs is like a boring person without a soul.

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bella koh catslavery
Photo: Instagram / @catslavery

What is your hangover cure meal?

I’ve tried coconut water and it works!

What’s your home cooked specialty?

My toasted couscous with root vegetables and summer fruits! The texture is addictive and all those healthy vegetables and fruits are really refreshing!

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bella koh catslavery
Photo: Instagram / @catslavery

Where do you get the best coffee in town?

Kith for sure! And they use Bonsoy for latte lovers.

What’s your favourite mood-boosting ingredient or dish?

Gourmet: Saffron in paella! The aroma and colour just wets your appetite!
Homemade: Chia seeds made into a strawberry jam. It’s not sugar laden yet pleasing to taste.

What’s your poison?


bella koh catslavery
Photo: Instagram / @catslavery

By Dana Koh