Where To Wine And Dine Like A Crazy Rich Asian in Singapore

An insider's guide to where the real crazy rich actually eat and drink. By Michelle Varinata

Crazy Rich Asians is a work of fiction, but you can live like the characters in real life. In spite of having a LOT of money (I mean, a ridiculous amount of zeros), the real bourgeoisie of our diminutive island refuse to be seen by us plebians. Even if they go to the best hotspots in town, the ultra wealthy don’t go there to be caught in the wild. Instead, they go there to simply enjoy the food and finish the entire wine bottle.

If you can’t be bothered to land a rich husband or are currently stuck under a non-CEO position, you can convince everyone that you are one of the real life Crazy Rich Asians. (As long as you don’t tell anyone about your Birkin dealer!)  Here are the top secret locations where you can wine and dine like them.

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