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Brooklyn Beckham, firstborn son of David and Victoria, seems to be taking after his parents as he begins to emerge as a mini-fixture in the fashion industry.

While he’s always impeccably dressed, the aspiring model (who has sat front row at London Fashion Week and starred in the Spring/Summer 2015 campaign​ for clothing brand Reserved) still looks to his style savvy parents for advice. But when it comes to the word of Posh and Becks, the young Brit can’t help but lean towards dad’s opinion. 

“My mum knows a lot about fashion,” Brooklyn tells Miss Vogue, acknowledging his mother’s success as a designer—before admitting: “But obviously I listen to my dad as he has great style and we share clothes.”

Indeed they do—which David seems to be totally amused by.

“I had pair of Saint Laurent leather trousers that I’d never worn, and Brooklyn found them and wore them,” the 40-year-old told WWD back in March. “They were my trousers, and they’re definitely not anymore.”

Regardless of having his wardrobe hijacked, the soccer star is quite impressed with the “perfect gentleman” Brooklyn is becoming—leading us to believe he still has full access to his father’s closet.

Via HarpersBazaar.com