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Yeah you’ve got your Netflix, but what happens when you just want to watch some mind-numbing goodness with a whole lot of fabulosity? Well, now you can with the new hayu streaming service that has now launched in Singapore. This is the first all-reality mobile, tablet and web platform where you can watch all your favourite reality stars fight, bicker and trash talk one another—all while looking absolutely rich from head to toe.

Expect over 6000 full episodes of hit reality shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians, all The Real Housewives franchise from Atlanta, New Jersey, Beverly Hills and New York City, as well as Dance Moms and Vanderpump Rules. All in one place, this easy streaming app provides you with episodes on the same day broadcast as the US, so you will definitely be kept up to date.

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Never watched a single episode of the Kardashians or Real Housewives? Don’t worry, you can catch complete shows and series on demand on hayu. Download shows so you can catch them while you are on-the-go—perfect for when you’re on a flight and want to catch up with that’s going down in Atalanta with Nene, Porsha and Kenya.

With a one-month free trial, the no contract hayu subscription is only S$4.99 a month.

For more information go to or download the hayu app now.

Scroll to see 10 of the hottest shows to catch on hayu:

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