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(21 January – 19 February)

Admit that you’ll soon have to disclose to others details of changes to your private life. And think seriously about saying what needs to be said by mid-February because from that point onwards, financial, work or property matters might dominate. You wouldn’t want to be dealing with too many complications at the same time.


(20 February – 20 March)

Don’t be unnerved by surprises, especially with regard to money; or the extent to which people can offer you help or guidance. Venus is challenging Uranus, but befriending Pluto, which suggests that you’ve far more to win than lose by embracing unexpected developments. The sooner you start, the better.


(21 March – 20 April)

Others want to load some heavy burdens on to your shoulders. In a bid to prove you’re confi dent of being
able to come up with the goods, you risk appearing somewhat arrogant and pushy. Avoid it if at all possible. You need to gather friends and allies around you rather than critics and rivals.


(21 April – 21 May)

Without causing off ence, show others that you must be left to make professional or fi nancial decisions on
your own. The Sun’s clash with Mars is bringing out your independent streak and you must avoid sounding
so self-contained that people feel they are redundant. That would do nobody any good whatsoever.


(22 May – 21 June)

Although you might have a touch of wanderlust, you’ll see extra work or financial responsibilities coming your
way. If possible, embark on journeys or adventures as soon as is practical to do so, then be ready to rise to exciting challenges towards the end of February. You’ve nothing to fear and everything to gain.


(22 June – 23 July)

It might be necessary to explain to someone close that you must turn your attention from your private life to financial or work-related issues. If you’re accused of being insensitive, you’ll have to stand your ground. It doesn’t make sense to ignore a golden opportunity when it presents itself.


(24 July – 23 August)

You might feel proud of your charitable attitude towards others; however, you could discover they’ve
been making critical comments about you behind your back. Don’t respond immediately. Once you have proof that your efforts aren’t appreciated, withdraw your support and walk away. It’s not worth a fight.


(24 August – 23 September)

You’ve waited for someone to take more notice of you. So there’s no better time than now to make a move. Even if you’ve been feeling unsure of yourself from time to time, you might well be given a positive response, especially if you act before the time of the Full Moon on 22 February.


(24 September – 23 October)

Tempting though it may be to join others as they bring excitement into their lives, you’ll feel you must honour your commitments to something or someone craving your support. Don’t resent the fact that you’re missing out on some lighthearted experiences. What you’ll be gaining will be worth far more.


(24 October – 22 November)

Once you’re quite convinced that people or situations are impinging on your intensely private life, you must
confront the situation. Make it clear that you will not forego your personal aims and aspirations. Those speaking of disappointment will have to accept that you’ll make it up to them as soon as you can.


(23 November – 21 December)

Treat discussions about work, money or your long-term future as a wise investment rather than a waste of time. At first you might imagine that there’s very little you can learn from those offering advice. But by 22 February, it will suddenly dawn on you that you’ve accumulated some invaluable information. Use it well.


(22 December – 20 January)

Rather than despair about complicated financial matters, convince yourself that you’re more than capable of finding solutions. With Mercury and Venus entering Aquarius in mid-February, you should begin to see certain situations in a much clearer, analytical light. Anticipate good outcomes soon.

By Peter Watson